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Issue 007
2015 May

Children's Creative Arts Exhibition – Infinite Mindspace

Our Early Childhood Education Service held a 3-day joint school art exhibition from 15-17 May in the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, L1 & L10 Shek Kip Mei – "Children’s Creative Arts Exhibition – Infinite Mindspace".

The theme of the arts exhibition is "Infinite Mindspace" where space does not confine to our surroundings, it can be the ever extending universe. In the exhibition, children fantasies a universe with endless diversities, "Emotional Space" shows children’s love for their families; "Living space" exhibits children’s touching moments, "Natural Space" expresses children’s love and care for all things and "Fantasy Space" reveals children’s boundless imaginations.

The opening ceremony started at 11 am on 15 May, Mrs. Wong Yau Wai Ching, Deputy Secretary of the Education Bureau officiated in the ceremony, she, together with 344 children experienced the infinite creation of children and got a comprehension on our service in launching arts education.

239 pieces of graphic design and 47 pieces of 3D design were displayed. They were compiled in an art album for sale at $120. During the exhibition period, all sales of the art album would be dedicated to the Children Arts Development Fund for children arts education.


Pario Arts trip to Taipei
Special tour: art festival for children in the summer

While more attention is paid to art education for children, Pario Arts Centre hopes to bring more new experience through trips to other places. The first trip to Taipei by Pario Arts was held in 2013, the response was well received and it has become an annual event.

It is our third time to organise the trip to Taipei this year in March. There were 73 participants among them half were students and their parents of our centre. The response this year was very encouraging for us to continue our expedition in children art education.

In response to the wide acclaim for more art trips, we are going to organise a special tour in July where we shall participate in the "2015 Yilan International Children Folklore and Folkgame Festival" on top of our visits to Taipei distinguished museums.

If you want to get closer to art, do grasp this vacation and let’s go to Taiwan to have a memorable and meaningful summer.

Details of the activity will be announced later. Website of the centre: www.parioarts.com.hk


Work trial project for AD/HD secondary student

Secondary students with attention deficiency/ hyperactivity (AD/HD) prone to dashing around and are easily distracted, as growing up gradually, they got to prepare for their future career plan. In order to equip them to their future workplace, to understand their aptitudes and requirements of various workplace, our Professional Support Service for Secondary School Students with Special Education Needs with the grant from our Service Development Fund launched a 6-month AD/HD work trial project for these secondary students.

Different from other work trial projects, our scheme uses the concept of "Executive Function" systematically, together with activity-oriented and experiential learning intervention models; and intervention approaches such as "breaking into small steps", "coaching" and "external reminder" are applied to equip them with the required skills for future careers.

Findings of this scheme revealed marked improvements in areas like work plan, time management, concentration at work, behaviour and emotion management among these secondary students. We collaborated with different corporations, hoping that other people would have more understanding about AD/HD students and their needs, and, as the first step for their empowerment.

This pioneer project gave us valuable experience in career planning of these students, it is the blueprint of a series of forthcoming brand new service for students with dyslexia, it is hoped that the service can have more varieties to cater to different special needs of students.


Light, Care and Warmth – love in Shamshuipo
Bringing brightness and warmth to elders in the district

Most of the elders in Shamshuipo are living alone, in double aging families and with low income. They have generally lower standard of education and lacking in knowledge about electricity safety. They would even turn off some of the lightings at home to save energy and money and/that they are prone to tumble and fall at home.

In view of this, our Un Chau Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Fortune Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Team, collaborated with the volunteers of the east and western district of the China Light and Power Company (CLP) and Friends of Active Ageing organised an activity. In the activity, volunteers of CLP visited 30 families applying their expertise to inspect electricity safety in their homes, replace broken power panels, change traditional light bulbs to LED light bulbs to improve the lighting. Quilts were also given to these families which added warmth to this event.

Incubator for dreams and beliefs
An assembly of Faith

On 19 April, our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club held an assembly at the Kwun Tong Promenade under a flyover. Young people shared their dreams, experienced the passion, exchanged views on justice, freedom and beliefs through music performances, youth lectures and arts and crafts fair stalls.

Music artists of the newer generation were invited, they were, Supper Moment, Mason Ma, bananaooyoo, Heyo, together with some bands formed by youths and ethnic minorities like Half Age, Yellow Car Peace. They narrated their beliefs and values of life through their original music and adapted music.

There was youth lecture in the assembly, prominent representative young people were invited to exhibit "Faith" in person, like Lai Man Lok of Scholarism, Heiward Mak (a post 80s director, who wrote the movie "Love in a Puff") with newly formed band PlayTime (Kaki and HoB) and Erik Mak, a post 80s media person.

Practitioners of 12 Arts and Crafts Fair stalls showcased their works and shared their creativity in plastic artwork, leather craftsmanship, hand painting, pressed flower, fabric art, post cards, pads printing, seals and vintage bikes.

People who came to the assembly were taken by the atmosphere and showed their dreams. They either wrote or painted on the paper cups after having tea in the "dream café", afterwards, these cups were hanged under the flyover and became pieces of installation art after this exchange of dreams and beliefs.

Although it is not easy to make our dreams come true, however, during the process, you are not alone as you would definitely meet someone who could share your dreams. This would be the most rewarding experience for those who came to our assembly.


Fresh food available for low income families

Ever increasing food and rental prices added further pressure to many low-income families. Despite of financial difficulties of these families, they received care and material assistance from the community. Our Family Networks received assistance from the Action Sports Foundation to provide hot meal boxes for needy families in Yau Tsim districts. The Foundation provides 400 meal coupons every month to eligible families after screening by our centre. With the meal coupons, they could go to nearby restaurants to enjoy hot meals. We take this opportunity to thank the generous support and care of the Foundation to help the needy in our community.


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