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Issue 007
2015 May

Appreciate carers' contribution
Advocate for a Carer-Companion Day

Our society has always been caring for people with chronic illness but relatively less attention is paid to their carers. In fact, these carers are willing to sacrifice their time around the clock out of love of family and their members for these obnoxious duties. These carers may have illnesses of their own or financial difficulties, and yet they are devoted to taking care of their frail partners, parents who are unable to take care of themselves and children with special needs. They would learn the required professional skills in order to provide the best care they could. Among them, some are multiple carers: they have husbands who are old and sick, children with physical inabilities and small grandchildren.

We co-organised with Rotary Club of Peninsula South to honour the silent contribution of this group of carers. We invited organisations and various associations in Shamshuipo area to participate in this meaningful event to appreciate the efforts of the carers on the one hand and at the same time promote this atmosphere of selfless love in the district. This carer-companion cum award presentation ceremony was held on 26 April in which 9 outstanding carers and those being nominated were awarded. This event also mobilised service users to become ambassadors to promote the message.

One of the outstanding carers, Mr. Yu, is suffering from eye diseases. He takes care of his wife who had 2 strokes before and is suffering from dementia. Mr. Yu listens patiently to his wife and takes care of her daily living all by himself. He once cut himself because of he could not see clearly due to eye diseases and he received assistance from the centre's meal delivery service that reduced chances of accidents due to poor eyesight. He also has assistance from his church fellowship that relieved his pressure.

Another outstanding carer, Madam Wong, has to take care of her family of 3 children when her husband passed away. One of her children has mild autism whose emotion is easily aroused due to change of environment or routine. The child was very resentful towards going to public toilets as there was noise of the hand dryers or extraction fans. While bearing the pain of the loss of her husband, Madam Wong makes use of her wisdom to help her children to overcome the fear of noise in everyday life. Furthermore, with the help of extensive hours service in training centre, her pressure was greatly relieved and her child is improving and she could then focus on her work.

Mrs. Leung Li Chi Mei, Chairman of our Shamshuipo Coordinating Committee said, "Carers face many difficulties and bear a lot of pressure, they devoted whole-heartedly and selflessly to care for one another. Such noble acts are worthy of recognition from the society therefore we advocate to dedicate the last Sunday of April to be Carer-Companion Day to arouse attention from the society and support these carers who can get mental support from the society as well."

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