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Issue 007
2015 May

Elders’ opinions on transportation submitted
Positive response from the Department concerned

Since the photo-voice exhibition was held last year, elders of our Active Ageing Service selected transportation as the theme for this year. They observed, examined and recorded issues about transport in their neighbourhood that required improvements. They met Miss Yeung Sau Ting, Chief Transport Officer (Planning/ Disabled Transport & Projects) of the Transport Department and raised 16 areas for improvements, scopes including bus routes, bus stops and places of pedestrian crossings.

The Transport Department responded accordingly: the uneven road surface that could trip and fall, discoloration of signs on road surface, unclear markings for pedestrian crossings and crossings too close to the road which blocked the sights of advancing vehicles, these all poise potential risks. Engineers of the Transport Department inspected the conditions and measures were taken: repainting discolored signs on road surface, relocation of a specific safety island to a further distance of 25 meters away. The Department also encouraged the elders to voice their opinions for further improvements when they notice any.

Elders' participation and expression of opinions through various activities makes their lives more fulfilling and their community more age-friendly.

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