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Issue 006
2015 Mar


To ease the communication barrier between frontline police officers in report room and non-Chinese/ English speaking ethnic minorities, CHEER and Kowloon West Region of Hong Kong Police Force have launched a pilot project named "TRANSLINK".

TRANSLINK runs the trial in Shamshuipo, Tsimshatsui and Yau Mai Tei report rooms, the areas with high ethnic minority population. Teleconferencing facilities are equipped in these three report rooms, which linked to CHEER’s telephone interpretation service. The project supports non-emergency reports made to report rooms in persons or by phone, such as matters in miscellaneous nature, loss and found, as well as general request for police assistance.


A community without boundary – to draw a circle of blessing

In a small community like the Fortune Estate in Shamshuipo, there lived some frail elders and mentally impaired people. With a grant from the Estate Management Advisory Committee of Fortune Estate, our Fortune Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (FNEC) was able to hold activities from last November to January this year to promote the message of harmony within the community. This activity had 308 participants from people of different ages, ethnic groups and abilities. In the first activity, participants drew a big painting together with the theme of a circle. The painting was later hanged in prominent spots in the centre to share with the residents and to bring out the message of a community without boundary.

In the second activity, participants in the first activity became ambassadors to visit elders living alone and elderly couples, families new to the community, shops and security guards and other residents, to promote the message of harmony and invite them to pledge to continue to instill harmony within the community.

These two activities not only enhanced communication and cooperation among the residents, participants also felt the essence of harmony.


Sailing towards dreams

According to a research(1), difficulties in employment among school leavers arose from lack of working experience and career goals, discrepancies between employees' attitude and employers' expectation. Our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club with the funding from Law's Charitable Foundation, use life-education as intervention, held a 6-month project. There are several stages in this project: "building up dreams", "cultivating dreams" and "sailing towards dreams". It was hoped that through these stages, our youth can understand themselves better and learn some work skills. A simulated office of a publishing house was also set up to let them familiarise with the working environment, to reflect the meaning of career and preparing them for their aspirations.

After several months of preparation and painstaking effort, the journal "Dare 2 Dream" was published. The whole process was done by the youth themselves from scratch. The sense of satisfaction was beyond description, what is more important is that they learnt that opportunities are created by themselves while dreams are also cultivated by themselves too!

(1)"The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups conducted a research in 2013 about youth employment and their difficulties. The research pointed out that difficulties in employment among school leavers arose from lack of working experience and career goals, discrepancies between employees’ attitude and employers’ expectation."


New book: When psychologist meets potato man
Appreciating the meaning of life in ordinary people

What happens when a clinical psychologist meets a "small potato"? We always think ourselves as "small potatoes", that we are not particularly outstanding; however, Mrs. C C Lu, a clinical psychologist who used to work in the Correctional Service, had been the Chairman of Hong Kong Psychology Society and Hong Kong Professional Counselling Society, explored the inner world of these "small potatoes", she found them possess positive personality traits, even though they might be ordinary, but they are full of life, burgeon after blossoming, and stand out of the ordinary.

This book records feelings and reflections of the author’s friends and her experiences in youth counselling. Most of the characters in the book are real, dynamic although ordinary. You can feel the warmth when reading these touching stories.

This book has 3 sections: positive stories, positive growth of young people and positive prescriptions for our hearts. This book is worth reading, it is like a clear stream leading us to see how positive personality traits can guide us to grow and to breakthrough.


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