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Issue 005
2015 Jan

A message of love to the deprived

In "The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Anderson, every lighted match represented a hope of this little girl: in her vision she saw a big fire stove, Christmas feast, her dead grandmother, at the end the little girl died holding the matches in a dreadfully cold night. The story unveiled the cruelty of human nature. However, this Christmas, a group of our clients from the deprived families have a totally different situation from that little match girl, they received generous support from the people who were able to grant their wishes, this kind of care and concern are heartwarming and cast away the cold spell of winter. Followings are some of their stories:

Everyone has a story

Mr. Lee, a 70-year singleton who was a taxi driver, found himself suffering from renal failure. He was unable to work and could only rely on CSSA, despite that, he has been taking this lightly. He is living in a small partitioned apartment instead of an elderly home for he wants to act on his own, sleeping on a second hand mattress even with back pain, however, this Christmas, he received a donation to buy a new mattress to ease his back pain.

Asima, an ethnic minority girl who is a student of our Pui Oi School, loves cooking. She wants to be more independent even if she is wheelchair-bounded. In this regard, her family prefers her to have a microwave oven to flame cooking which is safer. This Christmas, she received a donation for a microwave oven.

Mr. Chan (alias) is suffering from terminal illness, he hoped he could have return tickets to visit his sister who have the same illness but living in Macau, and can visit his other family members before it is too late; in view of his pressing need, we were able to make his wish come true through this project.

Ah Wang (alias) joined his school team to participate in a cycling competition and would like to have a bicycle for competition, but the water heater in his home broke down suddenly, and his family could not afford to buy one, he therefore changed his wish to installation fee for a water heater instead, we were able to make his wish come true and put his family at ease with donation for this project.

There is always a story behind each person who is working hard every day, we sincerely thank every one of you who support this project so that their wishes can come true.

About "Make a wish come true"
"Make a wish come true" is our project to help those who fall outside the regular subvention net, our clients include low income groups, single families, elders, children with special needs, mentally disabled, youth undergoing rehabilitation and ethnic groups. We welcome donation throughout the year, our hotline is: 27316389, and the website:

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