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Issue 005
2015 Jan

Dancing for Hope for the New Year: flash mob dance on 1 January

Our Happy Teens Club held a flash mob dancing activity on 1 January 2015 outside Tsimshatsui Cultural Centre and Park Lane Boulevard with 200 children, youth and their parents. The event was successfully held to bring about a feeling of hope and optimism to Hong Kong, during the event, they distributed "Lucky bags" (containing a torch in the shape of a flying lantern, flyers with words of encouragement and candies) to the public.

Last but not least, an award ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Scouts Association where participants turned on their torches meaning igniting a sense of hope to the community. Apart from this symbolic event, Happy Teens Club would continue to send “Angels of hope” (social workers) to encourage children and youth to achieving their goals in the beginning of year.


Happy Chinese Learning Project shared practical experience on
how to teach ethnic minority children

Learning Chinese language is a difficulty encountered by many ethnic minorities (EM) in Hong Kong, in order to raise public's concern and to share our experience after launching the project for a year, our Infant Stimulation and Parent Effectiveness Training Service (ISP) organised a sharing session on 1 November 2014 in the Hong Kong Central Library on "How to help EM children to learn Chinese".

During the sharing sessions, members of the working group shared the design and content of the project and practical teaching experience, we have also invited Mr. Kwok Wing Yin, senior officer of the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and Project coordinator (Chinese) Miss. Lee Lai Ping, programme coordinator (Chinese) to share their observation and findings from research and classroom experience. In order to have a better approach in teaching, Ms. Wan Tsui Wai, principal of the Little Buds Kindergarten shared that the project received various and concrete support to the school and that students have marked improvements in their performances.

About Happy Learning Chinese Project
The project was launched in 2013, 128 curriculum and worksheets were produced through a multi-disciplinary collaboration of speech therapists, child care teachers, special child care workers and social workers. 4 storybooks complemented by 4 CDs of different levels were produced to help EM parents to teach their children. Parents’ manual were written in 5 languages so that they can grasp the formulation, pronunciation and meaning of the Chinese characters in their own languages, and talks were held for parents to deal with difficulties that they came across.


Professional training courses for adults: lifelong commitment to art

In order to foster the concept of lifelong art and to cultivate such an atmosphere, Pario Arts provides a variety of systematic, multi-purpose and professional diploma courses for adults so that people who are interested in entering the visual communication profession (design and photography) can benefit from the courses and get to know about the its concept, knowledge and skills.

The course "Concept Design and Illustration" helps students to enter the motion picture industry. This course is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, aiming at film production, animation and the preliminary production stage of video games design. We have experienced instructors such as former instructors of our Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre and pioneers of Concept Design.

Details of the courses can be referred to the website:http://www.parioarts.com.hk


Child care teachers get inspired by Korea study tour

Dr Sanly Kam, General Manager of our Children Development Education Core Business, together with principals of our nursery schools participated in a study tour to Seoul from 12-16 October 2014 organised by the Education Bureau. During the study tour, they met Korean government officials to learn about the related policies and development. They visited both private and public nurseries, corporate based nurseries and child care centres, they were also privileged to have visited the Seoul Early Childhood Education and Development Institute and got to know the latest trend of child education development.

They were fascinated by their systematic 7-year curriculum, proportionate teacher and children ratio, support to children with special needs, training mechanisms to teachers and the teaching atmosphere, subjects like natural science and environmental protection are taught in a lively way. They were impressed by how the sense of belonging to the country and civic education are nurtured among children. All these can all be useful references for Hong Kong and can be applied to the curriculum.


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