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Issue 004
2014 Nov

Reaching the hearts of the new generation

On 22 September, about 13,000 students joined the school strike pledge of the Chinese University, emblematising the strong despair and outrage of the new generation of Hong Kong towards the announcement of the White Paper on One Country Two System by the Chinese government and the restrictions to political reform by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. Things began to take a sharp turn, Civil disobedience movement spread, pepper spray, tear gas, umbrellas, masks, tents, road blocks, Lennon Wall (Note 1), Lion Rock Banner, all become iconic. Confrontation among people, undermining the uphold of law and justice by police,not retreating Occupy Movement, tearing apart of the community, … moved many HK people, and triggered Chinese people in different parts of the world as well as the whole world’s attention.

Who doesn’t treasure the hard-earned prosperity and stability of Hong Kong? Who would want to see a society being torn apart? Who would want to destroy Hong Kong? Those who criticise the illegitimacy of the movement, hallow talks about social reconciliation, without facing the cause of this Civil Disobedience movement, are just turning a blind eye to the root of the problem, and in fact, would turn out to be a dire one.

In the eyes of the authorities and privileged with vested-interest, the umbrella youth are passionate rather than rational, innocent and naïve, liable to be manipulated, their way of ignoring laws and discipline, is a virus to the society, detrimental to the well-being of Hong Kong people and ultimately the economy of Hong Kong.

The new generation youth has always been seen as being pampered, tunnel vision, weak in dialectic, undisciplined, with no ideals, impulsive, but after the movement, tens of thousands of youth unveil their remarkably high quality, giving a glimpse of hope to Hong Kong’s future.

The youth has proven themselves to those who belittle them: they have their own will, can think independently, are responsible for themselves, they are not just a herd of rampaging animals, they are willing to dialogue with the government about political development and are willing to work the way towards democracy and bear the consequences after this movement.

What is more amazing is that this new generation do love Hong Kong deeply, they are not willing to see its degradation, they find their identity amid the one country two systems, they find out the unique value worth going for: universal suffrage, a government that is widely accepted by the people, a real harmonious and inclusive society, to them, these are the bliss of Hong Kong, a more important value to be pursued, after the catalysis of the 87 tear gas, it has become their life long mission.

Have we touched the hearts of this new generation? Do we really understand why they do not submit to current circumstances? We still believe that they are hopeless in owing a flat, dissatisfaction with life that drove them onto the street? If we continue to use this perspective, if the government still ignores their sensible appeal, then, it’s we, and the government who are narrow minded, and tunnel vision.

Deep down, are we willing to see our succeeding generation immerse in the money world, to pursue power, or we want to see them to have justice, conscience, and be patriotic and love Hong Kong?

Note 1: Lennon Wall refers to the wall in Admiralty where it was posted with colourful notes.

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