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Issue 004
2014 Nov

Make a Wish Come True 2014

Uncle Hung who lives alone hopes to have a cushion fitted to his wheelchair so that he would not develop abscess; wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes has been painful for Ah Yee, she hopes she could have a pair of shoes that fits ... all these seem to be normal for us, however are out of reach for the deprived.

We sincerely solicit your support to donate or buy our "Wish come true chocolate" to support our "Wish come true campaign". Let us join hand in hand to make the wishes of the deprived come true, to support them in action when their wishes could not be granted by the regular subvention means and give them hope and motivation to move on.

Donation can be made in the name of another person as so wished. Greeting cards made by the receiver are enclosed so that donors could put down their blessings for their friends.

Donation/Subscription forms: (Click here to download)

Enquiry: 2731-6369

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