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Issue 004
2014 Nov

Create Positive Energy Everywhere - City of Positive Energy Exhibition

On 27 September, a "Parenting Art Experiential Day" was held. Together with volunteers from Aedas, we designed 8 art booths with different styles and contents of which 100 families (approximately 350 people) enjoyed the fun of art creation through parenting. The most eye-catching “City of positive energy” exhibition was designed by them with their expertise in aesthetics, combining earlier creations by the children to make models of landmark buildings of Hong Kong symbolising inclusive in harmony, be responsible and showing care and concern.

Photos of positive architecture were being shown during the exhibition, seeds of positive energy were already sown, the funds raised in the activity amounted to $100,000 will be used for our Special Children Arts Fund for future art development or related activities for children with special need. Please visit the following link to re-capture the highlights of the activity: www.hkcs.org/support/positive2014 (Chinese Version Only)

Children together with their parents appreciating their works
Parenting arts booth – Heart-to-Heart in the neighbourhood

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