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Issue 004
2014 Nov

New equipment in our clinic

We have successfully received a grant of $1,073,775 from the S.K. Yee Medical Foundation for upgrading the following equipment for our dental, gynecology and ophthalmology to replace the existing more than 10 years equipment. The new equipment are now in used to serve the needy. We are very grateful for the generous support of the S.K. Yee Medical Foundation, we are now able to have more advanced medical appliances and technology to provide a one stop quality service to our patients.

New set of dental chair and equipment so that patients can have their teeth implant, minor surgery like braces can be done in our clinic.
New set of chair for ophthalmology so that elders, children and physically impaired do not have to move around for different eye examinations.
3-D ultra sound machine for gynecology shorten the consultation time and greatly increase the accuracy of the images.

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