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Issue 004
2014 Nov

Actively responding to possible emotional disturbances
arose from Occupy Central

Since the beginning of the "Civil Disobedience" movement, our lives are flooded by news and information about "Occupy Central", "boycott of classes", and "strike", these issues bring a certain impact to our youth, schools, parents and the general public, to respond to such needs, our School Social Work Service and Navigating Adversity Counselling Service launch the followings:

  • In order to help students to go through their emotional distress arising from the “Civil Disobedience” movement, our School Social Work service prepared a series of counselling guidelines for school social workers to help secondary students and their parents who are affected, there are: personal counselling, debriefing, weekly gathering and counselling guidelines for parents. Besides, they have also prepared some guidelines to facilitate teachers to conduct counselling for students for a comprehensive assistance.
  • Our Navigation Adversity Counselling Service also provide counselling for those affected by the movement, if you feel your daily life is being affected, and have the following symptoms for a prolong period of time eg: anxiety, feeling unhappy and uneasy for breaking up of relationships, you could make use of this service to talk about it with our professional counsellors for emotional relieve or to reconcile relationships with others.

  • Enquiry: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5:30 pm
    Tel: 2731-6251 / 2731-6330
    Counselling: free (prior appointment is necessary)
    Venue: 5/F, 33 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon


Mainstreaming of "withdraw youth" support service

We are the first organiation to concern about the‘withdrawn youth’phenomena, we started a trial project as early as 2003, afterwards, with the support from various sources, we are able to conduct Hong Kong-wide service. However, with the funding coming to an end, we tried to implement this service as special project to a regular mainstream service in order to handle the lurking withdrawn phenomena.

In order to maintain and carry on the service, we tried to put withdrawn youth support service into our regular service with additional resources to our Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club, one of our Integrated Centres for Youth Service. The service will be cater to those age from 14 – 24, living in Shamshuipo, Yau Tsim Mong and Kwai Ching area, and those youth and their families who have been disturbed by withdrawn symptoms for 3 months or more.

We hoped that service could blossom in order that timely help could be offered. For enquiry or referral, please contact social worker at 2729 8216.

Service recipients are equipping themselves with various potentials, hoping to claw back the golden age of learning, and to recapture one’s ability and value.
“Peer support” is a great thrust to the service recipients, they put into positive power, to motivate them to overcome difficulties.


Outstanding agency award - Citi -
HKCSS Community Intern Program (CIP)

We participated in the Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program (CIP) to provide internship opportunities in non profit setting for business students at universities. A pair of intern students had their internship in Integrated Service Centre for local South Asians (ISSA) and Corporate Affairs and Development Office (CDO) in July and August respectively for 4 to 8 weeks, to apply their business knowledge in our services.

One of them had their internship in ISSA to help our South Asians ladies on sales techniques, business knowledge; the other intern assisted in our fundraising activities in CDO. Our interactions with the interns not only enable them to get to know social service while at the same time enrich their knowledge on pressing community needs. The Programme had an “Outstanding Award” this year to acknowledge the efforts of the 4 most outstanding pairs, and our Agency was grateful to be one of the organisations to receive this award among the 40 participating local NGOs.


EAP Forum: Enhancing Employee’s Psychological Capital for Innovative Performance

In order to help corporations to enhance their employees’ psychological capital so as to increase their competitive advantage, our Employee Development Service and Four Dimensions Consulting Limited (FDC) organised the EAP Forum this year with the theme "Enhancing Employee'’s Psychological Capital for Innovative Performance". The keynote speaker was Professor Howard Pong Yuen Lam, Associate Director of the EMBA programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Lam focused on "Expanding employee’s psychological capital to achieve innovative performance"; Miss Tracy Fung, Senior Psychologist of FDC delivered her speech on "The significance of employee’s psychological capital in the workplace" (ie, hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism).

We also had speakers from the management of Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited, Recruit and AmorePacific on good practices on developing employee's psychological capital and innovative performance, so that employees would love their work, have innovative performance and increase the competitive edge of corporations.


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