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Issue 003
2014 Sep

Lets join "Love Charity Raffle Tickets" campaign

Our sale of the 7th Love charity raffle tickets will be held from 17 September to 17 November. Miss Kelly Chen has been the ambassador of this activity to help to promote the spirit of love and care throughout these years, Donations from the sale will go to our Service Development Fund to maintain and develop services that fall outside government subvention, we hope to help the deprived more by the Fund.

During the activity, we will set up donation and sales booths in all districts and we are appealing for volunteering help, especially parent-child volunteers. We also welcome mail purchase of the raffle tickets or consign the sale to schools or companies.

We specially thank Bauhaus, Christian Environment Health Limited and Kam Dao Printing Company and those companies offering discount coupons listed on the raffle tickets so that benefactors who buy the tickets could also enjoy various sales discounts.

Let’s support this activity, to continue the "love sharing" spirit!

Enquiry: 2731 6369.

Details of the activity: www.hkcs.org/support/raffle/raffle-e.html

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