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Issue 003
2014 Sep

Corporate and elderly volunteers visited elderly people living alone

Elderly people living alone will feel lonely from time to time; they would feel being cared for if members of the society visit them. Goodwill Management Limited and our Bliss District Elderly Community Centre (BDECC) organised a visit to them, the uniqueness of this visit was that, apart from volunteers from Goodwill Management Limited, elderly volunteers from BDECC joined this visit too. Hand made small gifts were prepared before the visit, communication and understanding between these 2 groups of volunteers were built up when making the gifts. They brought care and warmth to the elders in Ngau Tau Kok Estate. After the visit, the volunteers returned to the centre to share the experience and took group photos, imprinting this memorable occasion.

Volunteers of Goodwill Management Limited changed their perception on elders after the visit, who were in fact, more trendy than they had thought, and personal contact during the visit built up a kind of care and concern. On behalf of the clients of this visit, we would like to thank Goodwill Management Limited for their donation and service.

If there are other corporations who would like to join this kind of volunteering service, please contact us at 2731 6362.

goodwill visit
goodwill visit
goodwill visit
goodwill visit

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