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Issue 003
2014 Sep

Creative Positive Energy Everywhere 2014

“Art creation of children about the community” on 5 July was successfully held which is one of the series of the Creative Positive Energy Everywhere. About 150 children from our early education and training centers, together with volunteers from Aedas and some of our professional staff produce a unique piece of work through different art media and materials. Volunteers are amazed at the imagination of the children. These inspiring pieces will be exhibited on the parenting art experiential day that takes place on 27 September,2014.

We are now soliciting pictures about positive architecture to raise fund for our Special Children Arts Fund. You can take pictures about architecture in your community that inspire you positively, and describe how you are inspired in 20 words, and email those pictures to ilovecity@hkcs.org. Aedas will donate $10 for each picture we receive, the donation will be used to support children with special needs from low income families to further their potential in arts. Please support this activity and mobilise your friends to spread this source of positive energy.

Details and enquiry: 2451 6738 / www.hkcs.org/support/positive2014

Positive 2014

Positive 2014

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