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Issue 003
2014 Sep

Congratulations to Dr Law Chi Kwong,
our Management Committee Member
cum Honourary Treasurer received the GBS

Dr Law was awarded Golden Bauhinia Star (GBS) in the Chief Executive's Award list on 1 July to honour his outstanding contribution to the community.

Dr Law has been actively supporting our Children and Youth Centre service as early as in the 90s being the honourary consultant. Dr Law became our Management Committee member in 2004 and was the honourary treasurer starting from 2011.

Apart from helping Hong Kong Christian Service, Dr Law has been serving in many public offices, he is a member of the Committee on Poverty offering valuable advice on measures to tackle poverty, while being the Chairman of the Community Care Fund, Dr Law leads the members to make many constructive suggestions and contributions.

We sincerely congratulate Dr Law, hoping that he would continue to bring positive impact on the development of democracy and the livelihood of Hong Kong.


GP sponsored specialist treatment for elders welcomed

When one ages, the body degenerates and becomes sick easily, many elders are lacking in podiatry knowledge and would tolerate the pain without knowing that they could seek for treatment. In view of this, our long term partner GP Batteries International Limited (GP) donated HK$40,000 to our Elderly Core Business for a podiatry treatment programme for elders who have podiatry problems like Pes Planus, Hallux Valgus, Athlete's Foot, Callus, Warts, Onychomycosis. This programme greatly relieved problems of their feet and became very popular.

In order to extend the scope to more users, this programme merged with the Elderly Relief Fund to be the "Elderly Specialist Treatment programme" so that users of our service units could visit our clinic to receive appropriate podiatry treatment or geriatric psychiatry depression analysis for suitable treatment accordingly in order to improve both their health and their standard of living. The programme received overwhelming response and all quotas were filled within 8 months which also revealed the need among elders. Most of them were willing to pay for their own treatment expenses even after the programme was completed, which also illustrated the great need.

Our partnership with GP demonstrates very well the collaboration between business field and social service field. Through this programme, the elderly takes a step forward to deal with their health while at the same time our colleagues get to know more about podiatry and mental health of the elderly.


Principal of our nursery school received the
2014 Outstanding Teachers Award –
Education Management (Individual)

Congratulations to Miss Lam Pui Shan, the Principal of our Times Nursery School (TNS) for being awarded the 2014 Outstanding Teachers Award Education Management (Individual) by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers. Our TNS was the first nursery school to receive an award in the education management category.

Miss Lam has been in child education service for more than 10 years, since she was employed, she has always led the school towards continuous development and excellency. She believes that quality management and the continuous growth of the teaching staff are the foundation and focus of school development; whether the curriculum could be successfully carried out depends on the participation and motivation of the teaching staff, therefore she concentrates on leading the school team and giving them a clear direction for development as well as strengthening their professional knowledge and teaching skills so that the teachers could contribute accordingly and participate in the development of the curriculum. From that the professional skills and innovative power of teachers could be developed and achieve a good quality academic outcome together. She would continue to lead the teaching staff to implement the concept of curriculum management, optimise the language curriculum and extend it to other scopes so that both the school and the children are benefited.


Hong Kong Children Creative Drama – Blessings to Hong Kong

This is our 10th year to organise the "Children's Creative Drama", since 2004, we first put the creative work onto stage. A book "Creative Drama for Young Children – Teacher's Guide" was published in 2005. This year their performance used the idea of local experience as the theme, from idea to performance all were developed by the children, and every scene was based on the real experience, observation and interviews conducted by the children. It was full of childlike innocence, innovative and wonderful!

This performance was based on the 3D pop up book "Hong Kong Pop Up" by a renowned artist Mr Lau Si Kit, it was about the rainbow warriors coming to Earth to look for good soil to plant hope, environmental protection, joy, care, perseverance, cooperation and harmony, and how children led them to different places of Hong Kong to sow the rainbow seeds. This drama not only brought us to go through the local custom and culture of Hong Kong, the rainbow seeds symbolise the blessings of the Hong Kong spirit.


Happy Teens Club first organised "Living with conscience" series –
debate activity

In order to practice advocating justice, one of our mission statements, our Happy Teens Club (HTC) organised the first "Living with conscience" series – debate activity. From July to August, a group of primary 4 to 6 students received training on debating skills starting from scratch, through intensive training, community study and observation of debate competition, the children were trained the ability of critical thinking. We focus on empowerment to the children through this activity so that they could put themselves into someone else’ shoe, to differentiate the right from wrong, so that they could express themselves with poise on the debating platform on 22 August. in City University.

Four Happy Teens Clubs conducted two exciting debates, the motions were closely related to our daily lives: "Shall Hong Kong implement costs for domestic waste" and "Small shops have more value of existing than chain stores". Performances of the children received applause from the adjudicators Mr. Suen Lai Sang, our Director, Mr. Chan Chi Ho, the present Chairman of the joint-school Chinese Debate Society and Miss Yip Ka Yan, our guest of honour who was our instructor and also one of the debate members of Chinese University. This further affirmed the infinite potentials of the children and laid the foundation for them to speak up in future.

1 Members of the debate team of the 4 Happy Teens Club, their fellow classmates and parents.
2 Kwun Tong HTC and Shamshuipo East HTC debating the motion "Small shops have more value of existing than chain stores"
3 Shamshipo East HTC received the best team spirit award.


Love Parenting discussion forum to exchange parenting problem

Parents nowadays tend to seek for information in different platforms from the internet for tips about parenting and schooling, and thus a discussion forum (website: http://www.loveparenting.org.hk/forum.php) was set up by our "Online New Page – Online Addiction Counselling Centre (Online)". It is hoped that with social workers on duty in the internet, parents could seek professional help and would be more at ease to share their experience about parenting in this platform, so that they could come up with an exclusive and suitable way to solve their problems.

Parents would find other persons with similar experiences in the LoveParenting forum. Workers of our "parents support network" would volunteer in the discussion forum to share their experiences as well as to listen and respond to 'netizen', to practice a self-help community online through this forum.

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