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Issue 002
July 2014

Harmonising different levels in the community
North Point Happy Teens Club(NPHTC) triggers equality revolution

Service recipients of NPHTC comes from different walks of life, there are middle class, low-income CSSA group and other deprived families. We launched a “Equal.Love Sharing” project through which participants would share and give, to establish a caring community as to let equal sharing becomes a family’s core value. This is more than a volunteering scheme, through the personal contact of the service recipients with the community, such as sharing of belongings, caring for deprived people within the community together, inviting different families to learn from one another, thus able to establish the concept of connection and equality among people.

Reconstruction is speedy up
Pak Tin Friendly Network helps put together neighourhood relationship

The sentiments of old districts gradually diminishes as the reconstruction speeds up, the good old days when everyone care for one another were long gone. To help the residents of the Pak Tin Estate to recollect the essence of mutual support, our Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club, with a grant from Community Investment Inclusion Fund in 2012 for our Pak Tin Friendly Network, a 2-year project to link up the residents, communities within the Estate and other people to become volunteers or house captains to strengthen the neighbourhood relationship. The project has come to an end on 3 July 2014, we hope these cross-sector, cross-age, cross-community bonding could sustain. Meanwhile, we would like to thank the different funds, communities and volunteers for the success of this project.

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