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Issue 002
2014 July

Creative Positive Energy Everywhere 2014 –
Art creation of children about the community

Since January 2014, our professional staff have been leading our Infant Stimulation and Parent Effectiveness Training Service units with 100 children aged 4 – 6 with special needs, to launch an art project in community with the theme “Arts Creation of Children in the Community”, to make good use of community resources, and cultural scenarios as topics for teaching. Through sharing, discussions and visits, both parents and children enter the community exploring the people, issues and the surroundings. Through various arts activities exhibiting children’s observation and how they feel about the community to enhance their knowledge about the community and their sense of belonging while at the same time improving the knowledge of other people towards the special needs and talents of these children so as to forge mutual acceptance.

We are grateful to have the continuous support from Aedas since last year’s project, Creative Positive Energy Everywhere, we carry on the concept and in June launched the Creative Positive Energy Everywhere 2014 – “Art creation of children about the community” inviting all the people in Hong Kong to love the community together with our children with special needs, as a gesture of blessing, to join hand in hand in building up a society with positive energy.

Releasing 3 sources of positive energy
  1. Building positive energy with a child-like mind

  2. Building up a good community in July

    Volunteers of Aedas help expand the knowledge of the aesthetics of architecture in order to explore the potential of these children in arts, and to create a project together with them about building up a community with positive energy.

    Experiencing art through parenting in September

    Volunteers of Aedas cooperated with parents and their children to experience art through activities organised during their after office hours as some kind of time out from the daily routine, to build up a positive, mutual appreciation which is the core attitude, to feel the positive effect and enjoyment of art. Exhibitions on the children’s artworks as well as their positive energy photos will also be shown.

  3. I Love City

  4. June – September I Love City @ calling for pictures about positive architecture

    You are cordially invited to this "I Love City positive energy photos campaign" capturing those architecture in the community that inspires you positively. (Details please refer to www.hkcs.org/support/positive2014/ilovecity)

  5. Benevolence
  6. Combined participation attracts the charitable source of energy. Aedas will donate $10 for each picture from the I Love City campaign, to support the Hong Kong Christian Service "Special Children Arts Fund" to support children with special needs from low income family to further their potential in arts.

Positive 2014
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