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Issue 002
2014 July

Building pigeonholes for the deprived
Urging the government to address to people's pressing needs

Many people would like to have a dwelling place, even to make luxurious decorations in order to live comfortably, because we believe a cozy and peaceful home has an impact on building up a sense of security and connecting family members. In fact, this is also important to low-income families as well, not to mention that they do not have the basic furnishings, electrical appliances that are beyond repair and safety at home etc. Crowded, messy home greatly reduced their drive to move on. Low income families are helpless when facing all these because the CSSA fell short of their needs.

Interim term plan help build pigeonhole

In view of such a need, we had collaborated with The Hong Kong Institute of Architect, Pricerite Store Limited and 3C Digital Limited to launch a "Building.Power" project, successfully improved the quality of living and family relations for these families. Even after the completion of the project, the need has been on the increase, together with the disparity between rich and poor and housing problem, it has become a pressing need for the elders and deprived families, therefore, with the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, we have partners like Chan Dang Social Services Foundation, Habitat for Humanity China continuously operate 3 phases of similar project, through their sponsorships, we are able to make some basic renovation and refurbishment to these families. We have an accumulation of 2,222 families throughout these 7 years of 4 phases of projects, with the total sponsorship of $9,185,800, an average of $4,134 to each family.

We found that some families, cannot afford a decent bed, some single families with children do not have a washing machine, refrigerator, the parents were exhausted from daily household chores and were too tired to concern for their children. For some elders, they do not have a water heater for shower and they had to boil water whenever they need to shower which posed potential threats to them as they carry hot water to shower. They cannot afford to replace the broken floor tiles, nor do they have the appropriate storage space for their belongings which were scattered all over the places, hence increase the possibility of falling over. Those who were allocated public housing would also need money for house removal or some basic renovation to the new flat. The government should not turn a blind eye to all these.

Government should bear the responsibility

Those projects mentioned above could only meet the immediate needs of these families, no matter how urgent their needs are our projects would eventually come to an end, from a long term means, we appeal that the government should consider incorporating this element in the integrated family service centre, or built-in this element in other funds (such as the Community Care Fund); or continue to subsidise these projects in regular government subvention. At the same time, the government should review the CSSA, to offer assistance to those who could not afford the expenses of house removal, so that these families would not be left out miserably.

Before the renovation
Before the reonvation


After the reonvation
After the renovation


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Thank You Card

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