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Issue 001
2014 May

Confronting "Qishang-quan" in social movement

"Qishang-quan" originates from the martial arts novels written by Jinyong (Mr Louis Cha), that the fist gives an incomparably vigorous and powerful blow, however, the imperfection is that the blow would backfire and hurt the person who uses it. The use of "Qishang-quan" in this article as a metaphor in describing radical social movement simply speaks for itself.

Solving social conflict is not something that can be dealt with superficially, neither is it considered settled by persuading both parties to stop the fight.  Then as "Qishang-quan" is a thankless task, what is the motive of using it?  Why harming others without benefiting oneself?  From the perspective of an outsider, certainly there are people who are indifferent to such an action, but how come there are still people applauding such kind of action to vent one's anger?  What causes it?  Preventing social conflict, where does the crucial factor lie?

Radical movement like the "Anti-Locust" Campaign easily arouses resentment, the public are sympathetic towards those who are "innocently" humiliated, but something has gone wrong in social resources allocation, the welfare of Hong Kong people is hampered. Hong Kong suffers a heavy blow to its long established social order. The government as first cast a cool eye, then deal with the problem on an ad hoc basis, avoiding the fundamental cause, and even rebuffing Hong Kong people as being "conceited before getting rich"; such an attitude of the government in ignoring the deep rooted confusion, neglecting the outrage of Hong Kong people, how could it not alleviate the social grievances and provoke people’s anger and apply "Qishang-quan"?

Influential officials must not play with words and divert the root cause of the problem, they must discard their lecturing attitude, they should sincerely acknowledge the existence of such an issue and willing to take other people's advice, answer people's opinions, and not to act against public opinion with a high-handed insolent attitude. Strategically, the rights of Hong Kong people should be protected in the short run while creating a win-win situation for both the Mainland and Hong Kong in the long run. The seemingly self-righteous "one country" sermon is not omnipotent, however, the "2 systems" of the long-established civilised order must be safeguarded. (Though the sermon might get the upper hand but it definitely loses the public’s support.) Hong Kong people are not unable to distinguish the right and wrong, nor just a bunch of braggarts, it is only when the government proves itself to be willing to tackle the issue and in an effective way, there would not be any "Qishang-quan".

People who uses "Qishang-quan" in social movements should be careful not to overdo, the motive is understood, but the adverse effect of such an action is not to be rationalised, try to think calmly, when opposing sides are going to the extreme, is that what you really want? If not, why not leave some room to the government and yourself, wait and see its effect, then take action accordingly.

Being a Hong Kong people, our duties and status as citizens should come first, not just focus on the rights. The strive for democracy is not simply some concepts or slogans, Hong Kong people should be actively involved in current affairs and to establish the political moral high grounds. More open and more democratic in political development is the right direction, however, while analysing critically the rights and wrongs of the current affairs, rather, we have to embrace the differences amidst the multi-cultural backgrounds, to be unselfish while helping ourselves, to have the civilised quality and virtue of democracy in defending the rights instead of infringing them, the society would then be flourish with kindness and righteousness, there will then be real harmony, then comes Hong Kong's pride , the blessing of China.

Having said that the person who uses "Qishang-quan" would eventually bear its consequences, those innocent victims and wu-lin (society) would suffer irreparable damages, it is the last thing for a civilized and righteous society would want to see.

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