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Issue 001
2014 May

"Love idea in action" programme
A Different Learning Experience for the Students

Innovation without putting into practice is merely a concept, love without putting into action is also emptiness. We specially launch the programme "Love idea in action" to participating schools to help them design the mode, the scale and date of their fund raising activities according to the unique characteristics, schedule and objective of each school. We also encourage and assist their students to put more concern on social service as "a different learning experience" and provide opportunities for experiential learning to nurture a caring heart, while at the same time facilitating our work in social service as more socially disadvantaged people are benefited from their activities.

Responses from Teachers and students of St Stephen's College

One of the participating schools is St Stephen's College, on 14 March 2014, their student organisation held a different "Dress Casual Day" to respond to this programme. With more than one thousand participants from teachers and students, they raised more than $20,000 for us as well as the operating cost for their students' organisation.

Mr. Wong Charm Sum, the student who organised this "Dress Casual Day" shared that: "We have been formulating and deciding on the date for the event since last year. During the process, our working group brainstormed many ideas, collected information, discussed and arranged other logistics, and the support of our teachers and Christian Service have been very helpful. The response was overwhelming, we are boosted and have more confidence in ourselves." In order to add more fun and hope to raise more fund, there were 6 groups of students playing musical instruments, singing and other performances, it was a get to-gather for teachers and students. As it was also the White Valentine's day, there was the chocolate charity sale. Both teachers and students had a day full of fun, the message of putting care and love into action has been delivered.

Apart from schools, this scheme welcomes participation from corporations and organisations, such as organising a simple, and enjoyable charitable event in annual dinner. We are prepared to offer advice and assistance, for enquiry, please call 2731 6298, let’s all join the team of "Love idea in action".