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Issue 001
2014 May

Bedspace apartments high in rent
Residents worry where to live

The Jordan district is a fusion of new and old, a co-existence of high-end apartments and low-end buildings, and people with low-income who are not even qualified for public housing.  As it is in the urban area, even old buildings are in great demand to be reconstructed to luxurious apartments. In the past people with low income can barely afford a pigeonhole, but with the re-development of the old buildings, rents would be running high, even those remaining buildings in the districts are likely to be replaced by guesthouses, people there worry that even a bedspace would become unaffordable.

Our Family Networks Integrated Family Service(FN) conducts 2 visits annually to the cubicles apartments in Jordan districts.  Most of the people living there are single males who could not afford the high rents of sub-divided units.  They said that the rent was $800 per month 8 years ago, but it has now surged to $1,700 - $1,800 per month, doubled in these few years.

Landlord often receives complaints from occupants that bedspace apartment is a place with people of all kinds; while at the same time, seeing the neighbouring units being converted to guesthouses, occupants are worried that the landlords would want the same and they would then be left with nothing, not even a flea-fested pigeonhole.

In order to support these bedspace occupants, our FN would mobilise woman volunteers in the district to make seasonal soup for them and our centre would organise some activities based on their interests and at the same time concern for their housing needs.

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