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We believe that a successful partnership should be able to match our service needs with the strengths and interests of our partners. So that both our partners and us can growth and benefit together and bring about to the best synergy effect in helping the needy and making it win-win for all parties of the partnership.

The partnership can be carried out in many different ways, such as corporate volunteering and professional skills contribution, program cooperation, job placement & training opportunities, in-kind or cash donations, sponsorship….

With heartfelt thanks to our partners, we made use of different channels to recognize their supports to us and contribution to social services. For example, we nominate devoted partner companies/organisations for the "Caring Company Scheme" organized by the Hong Kong Social Service Council. In the latest year, we successfully nominated 36 partners for the "Caring Company Logo".

For enquiries about partnership or volunteering, please call 2731-6362 or email

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