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Stable resource is critical for the long-term development of quality social services.

Monthly donations not only provide us with stable resources for service development, but also help us in reducing administration costs.

Act NOW and join our Monthly Donation Programme (any donation amount is welcome) and join hands with us for building a society that is humane and just.

Monthly Donation Payment Method: Autopay, Credit Card by mail order, or PPS(open new window).

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More Information of HKCS Monthly Donation Program
1. How can I help the needy through HKCS?

Currently, HKCS serve over 1 million head counts per year via 80 service units/projects locate at different districts of the territory. Our main service aspects are including elderly, children, youths, family and ethnic minorities. In our total annual expenses, over one-third (over HK$100 million) is non-government subvention. Therefore, we need to fundraise in order to support those services to help the needy.

2. Why HKCS need to initiate new social services?

The government-subvented services only provide basic social services. So, HKCS take initiates in developing innovative services to respond new social service needs. Over the years, HKCS successfully introduced a number of innovative services became government-subvented services and our experiences also provided references for other organisations (the examples of innovative services are listed at Q5).

Besides, we need to fundraise for the extra resources to improve the quality of services.

3. Why monthly donation can achieve better result for supporting service development of HKCS?

Most of our government-subvented services had achieved significant results, but only sustained for one or two years. So, we launched monthly donation program to provide steady stream of income for service continuity and development planning.

4. What areas will be supported by monthly donation?

Monthly donation will be used for supporting our Service Development Fund. The aim of this fund is to support successful non-government subvented projects and improve all existing services. Your donation can help us to initiate new social services to respond the new social service needs too.

In the financial year of 2008/09, Service Development Fund had supported several new social services, including Children Media Education in All Directions' Project & interpretation and translation services for ethnic minorities.

5. What are the major achievements of HKCS Service Development Fund?

HKCS are committed to identify the needs of the community and introduce appropriate social services to help disadvantaged. Many of these services provided references for other organisations and became familiar social services now.

Our new social services include:

Mobile food truck, mobile medical vehicles, arts and crafts training, squatter home visit, kindergarten, elderly hostel, foster care, special needs children school, vocational training centre
Schools social work services, youth outreaching social work service, community family service centre, parents and infants training program, centre for Pyschotropic Substances abusers
Employee development service, parenting education centre, Mainland China social service project, Athletic Gala for the Elderly, mobile adventure service, vocational training courses for brink of teenager girls
Start from 2000
Adults with intellectual disabilities day activity centre, primary schools full-time school-based social work services, project on elder abuse research and protocol, children media education, special job attachment programs, Tin Shui Wai community networking project, elderly rehabilitation program, South Asian supporting service, training and rehabilitation service for developmental delay children, comprehensive counseling service for party drug abuser, drug treatment centre providing out-patient cum residential detoxification and rehabilitation service, youth navigation and development centre, project on socially withdrawn youth and adult, home improvement project for low-income families, the chronically ill family support project, men's project in Tin Shui Wai
6. How can I join the monthly donation program?

You can join HKCS monthly donation program by enrolling our monthly donation leaflet or calling our donation hotline at 2731 6369. There is no minimum donation amount, so your donation of any amount can also help the needy. You can use autopay, credit card and PPS to make the payments of monthly donation.

7. Are my donations eligible for tax deductions? Do I get a receipt?

Donations with any amount are tax-deductible with official receipts. We will send the receipt to you monthly or you can receive all monthly receipts in April each year.

8. Can I discontinue my monthly donation?

You can discontinue your monthly donation by below methods:

9. How can I change my donation instruction or personal particulars?

Please fill in the form of "Change of Monthly Donation Instruction and Personal Particulars" , then email to or fax to 2731-6363.

10. How can I get the latest news and achievements of HKCS?

Our latest news will be released via our webpage, newsletter (Chinese version monthly and English version quarterly), annual report and media publication. We will also invite our supporters to join our activities and visit our service centres. For more details, you can call our donation hotline at 2731-6369.

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