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A Blessed New Year Starts with Charity Giving
Charity Laisee 2017

Hong Kong Christian Service holds its annual "Charity Laisee Campaign" during Chinese New Year which invites participants from all sectors to support its services by donating a laisee. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to make donations through various ways to share the joy and blessings with the needy in these festive moments.

HKCS will provide participating corporations, shops, schools, churches and other organisations with promotional collaterals to facilitate execution of the campaign.

Sponsorship to the campaign is most welcome.(Online Donation)

Charity Laisee Campaign 2017

The 10th HKCS "Charity Laisee Campaign" will be held between 16 January and 23 February, 2017 to tie in with the Chinese New Year period. Your support is vital to the success of the campaign and will definitely help us better serve the needy.

Use of Fund Raised
Supporting Methods
  1. Laisee Collection at School / Organisations
  2. Organize volunteer to participate our outdoor charity booth
  3. Self-organised charity programmes/activities to support the cause
    • *For details on the above 2 supporting methods, please call us or email us
  4. Donation
2731 6361
2731 6363

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