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Statistics of
Service Users of the Agency

Statistics (as of 31 March 2015)

Types of Services (The Head Count of Service Users)
Child Development & Education (606,197)
Early Education and Training Centre, Special Child Care Centre, Child Development Centre, District-based Speech Therapy Service, Happy Learning Chinese Project, Project Bridge for Children’s Development, Training Subsidy Programme for Children on the Waiting List for Subvented Pre-school Rehablitation Services, Nursery School, Occasional Child Care Service in Pre-primary Institutions, Integrated Programme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre, Extended Hours Child Care Centre in Pre-primary Institutions, Pario Education Centre, Pario Arts, Chih Ai Parents’ Association
District Elderly Community Centre, Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Integrated Home Care Service Team, Day Care Centre for the Elderly, Residential Home for the Elderly, Elderly Council
Family & Community (92,574)
Integrated Family Service Centre, Day Activity Centre, Foster Care Service, Emergency Foster Care Service, Small Group Home Service, Emergency/Short-term Small Group Home Service, Family & Marriage Enhancement Service, Navigating Adversity Counselling Service, Medical and Dental Clinic
Growth & Social Rehabilitation (457,342)
District Youth Outreaching Social Work Service, Integrated Children and Youth Service, Service for Ethnic Minority, Service for Young Night Drifters, Out-patient cum Residential Drug Treatment Centre, Prevention and Rehabilitation Services for Substance Abusers, School Social Work Service, Comprehensive Guidance Project for Primary School, Professional Support Service for Secondary School Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), Online New Page – Online Addiction Counselling Centre, Withdrawn Youth Support Network Project
Employee Development Service (321,030)
Employee Assistance Service, Staff Development, Professional Training, Management Consultation and Critical Incident Stress Management
Pui Oi School(104)
Education for disability children