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Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 016,Views: 'Open letter to CE candidates: tackle the roots of problems', Advocacy: 'Inherit attitude of love Learn how to love', Service: 'The Project of Learning Chinese is fun by Jockey Club', Support: 'Make a Wish Come True 2016'.
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 015,Views: 'From Election Platform to Social Inclusion', Advocacy:'Appeal for political participation and rights in election for EMs', Service: 'Project We Care', Support: 'Recruitment: Angel of Hope, Children Volunteer and Donation Programme'.

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We would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations, bodies and individuals for their generous donation and support to our services.


Dragon Team Trading Limited, MoooFit, Verona Limited, Fay's Beauty & Fitness Centre, OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited, FSE Holdings Limited, AU Chi Hing, HUEN Ho Chi, MUI Tak Nga, Haylie, Aiden BOK, HUI Kwok Kam, Paul......(More)

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