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  • To assist primary schools in developing their counselling services.
Characteristics of Services
  • School oriented
  • One-stop
  • Flexible
  • Tailor-made
Scope of Services
  • Full-time stationing services provided by professionals with bachelor degree or above qualification in social work
  • Providing services for students and parents on crisis management, counselling, small group and large-scale activities, referral services and mobilizing community resources
  • Assisting school to develop counselling policies and system, designing and implementing the Personal Growth Curriculum
  • Provide students related consultation service and training for teachers
Service Recipients
  • Students and parents of 4 primary schools
Service Charges
  • Basic charge. Our service is non-profit making.
Enquiry/ Application

Interested schools may contact Mr. Bill LO, Chief Supervisor.

Telephone: 2389 4242

Fax: 2790 4157



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