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 project funded by hong kong jockey club charities trust

Project Summary

To tackle the existing housing shortage and the growing demand of housing in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong SAR Government continues to build and supply more public housing. One of the projects is the Anderson Road Public Housing Development Project. The development is divided into North and South zones, i.e. On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate. Upon completion, the two estates which comprising 22 domestic blocks will provide about 18,000 public rental housing units to accommodate about 48,500 residents in Kowloon East.

Social service is inevitably one of the crucial components to support this large population settle in the new community. In view of this, our project Jockey Club Anderson Community Support Network, funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, aims at building a caring community and promoting the spirit of neighborhood support from October 2016 to September 2019. It also helps to identify and provide support to families in needs.

This is a three-year project, Hong Kong Christian Service will take up the role of planning, implementation, and coordinating, with an aim to enhance and facilitate cross-sector collaboration to develop a better community network among the residents.

  1. Strengthening the neighbourhood relationship and cultivating a sense of community belonging among residents.
  2. Identifying and mobilising the strengths and capacities of individuals for community building, in particular, young people.
  3. Assisting needy residents and their families to overcome their difficulties in the new living environment.
Working Approaches
  1. Positive Youth Development Approach
  2. Strengths-based Community Approach
  3. Cross-sector Collaboration
Strategies and Content
  1. Network Weaving - Relationship Building
  2. Community networks can be formed over time by the daily interactions among the residents. It can also be formed by planned and systematic strategies. We believe that social activities can break down estrangement and misunderstanding, as well as providing a platform for residents from different age range and background to interact with each other. Social workers can strengthen the neighborhood relationship, cultivate a positive and harmonious atmosphere in the community via a series of mass programmes:

    • Thematic Carnivals
    • Community Food Festival
    • Anderson Sunday Market
    • Community Thematic Talks

  3. Finding Community Connectors
  4. We place emphasis on discovering what strengths and assets are available in the residents as well as the community. Connectors are ordinary residents (both youths and adults) with skills, talents, expertise, knowledge, experience and willing to help and work with each other to reach out to the wider community, link residents up with the community that can make extension and valuable contribution to the community. Connectors can be identified through social workers’ daily interaction with residents, street booths, home visits and community programs or group sessions.

    • Anderson Street Booths
    • Block Gathering
    • Individual Capacity Mapping & Resident Capacity Inventory
    • Non-Engaged Youth Support Service

  5. Forming Support Networks
  6. Individuals who are passionate in serving the community will be grouped into four support networks to offer assistance to others based on their strength and talent.

    • Household Equipment & Information Technology Support Network
    • Caring Ambassador Network
    • Healthy Ambassador Network
    • Neighbourhood Daily Support Network

  7. Sharing Experiences and Successes
  8. The annual Anderson Festival recognises and rewards those who have contributed to the community and celebrates the accomplishments every individuals and collaborators have attained throughout the year.

    • Recognise community’s strengths and assets
    • Prize giving ceremony to recognise the volunteers
    • Exhibition of the programmes under the Anderson Community Support Network
    • Variety show which provides a platform for the residents to perform

Service Target

Residents and local communities in the Anderson Road Public Housing Development Project

Volunteer Target

Children and youth, parents, elderly, members of the community and corporates

Project Period

1 October, 2016 to 30 September, 2019 (Three Years)

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