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CATCH - Families Support Scheme (CATCH) is a two-year project sponsored by the Beat Drugs Fund since June 2016, aiming to support drug abusers’ family members who generally suffer from different levels of physical or psychological symptoms of stress. CATCH strives to enhance the family members’ capability and knowledge of dealing with drug-taking problems and to equip with skills to raise the motivation of the drug abusers to seek help. In addition, CATCH provides the family members’ with counseling services and teaches them different body-mind activities so as to help them alleviate their stress arisen from their family drug problem. We strongly believe that positive familial interaction may strengthen support for drug abusers and raise their motivation to receive treatment services.

  • To improve the family members’ physical and psychological health, and to enhance their capability of dealing with drug-taking issues so as to motivate the drug abusers to seek help.
  • To increase positive interaction between the drug abusers and their family members.
  • To raise the awareness of secondary school students and the public on the problem of drug abuse, and to help professionals involved in the helping process increase their skills in handling drug-taking issues.
Service Targets
  • Family members of psychotropic substance abusers
  • Psychotropic substance abusers
  • The public and professionals involved in the drug abuse prevention and treatment process
Service Scope
Family Support Service
  • Family-oriented counseling
  • Body-Mind Experiential Workshops, educational workshops, therapeutic groups, mutual support group and peer counseling training
  • Medical support services
Drug Abuser Support Service
  • Detoxification and counseling services, joint family counseling and activities
  • Reaching out home-based counseling for low-motivational or hidden drug abusers
  • Referral services
Community Support and Education

Community educational activities and professional training

Service District

Kowloon West District (Kowloon City, Shamshuipo, Yau Tsim Mong District)

Service Application

Service users can contact our social workers for enquiry and make applications. We also accept referrals for drug counseling service. Service is free of charge (Counselling, groups, activities, medical checkup).

Service Termination

Service users can approach our social workers for discussion on the termination of services.

Open Hours
2:00pm - 6:00pm
Tue to Fri
2:00pm - 6:00pm & 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Contact Us
PS33 Shamshuipo Centre
Room 11-16, G/F, Nam Yiu House, Nam Shan Estate,
Shamshuipo, Kowloon
3572 0673
3188 1221

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