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Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun
Aims and objectives:

Hong Kong Christian Service Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun is the first mixed mode drug treatment centre providing out-patient cum residential detoxification and rehabilitation service in Hong Kong. It is established in March 2003. The centre aims at providing one-stop service and humanistic service for young opiate and psychotropic substance abusers of aged under 30. Its service is characterized by helping abusers to abstain from drugs, to facilitate their development of self-confidence as well as fostering their self-efficacy and independence. In particular, family members and significant others of the clients will be involved in the treatment process to help them developing a healthy lifestyle resistant to relapse prone forces.

Our Specialty:
  • One-stop and holistic drug treatment service including out-patient detoxification service, residential detoxification service, individual and family counseling, therapeutic groups, and life skill training and social activities.
  • 24-hours medical care
  • Genuine, empathic, positive and concrete professional attitude
  • Specialized approach in enhancing personal potentials and self-efficacy
  • Individual and family oriented counseling service
  • Relapse prevention program
  • 2-year aftercare service to sustain abstinence and positive growth
Our Target Groups:
Band Room

In patient service: Male opiate or psychotropic substance abusers aged under 30
Out patient service: Any opiate or psychotropic substance abuse aged under 30

Our Services:
  • Pre-treatment counseling: Enhancing service users' motivation to change and establishing treatment plan;
  • Out-patient detoxification: Community-based medical and psycho-social detoxification service;
  • In-patient detoxification: 3-6 months' residential detoxification and rehabilitation service;
  • After service: 24 months' follow up counselling after detoxification;
  • Individual and family counseling: Individual and family-oriented counseling services;
  • Therapeutic groups: Relapse prevention, self-exploration and skill building…etc;
  • Recreational activities: Leisure and interest development to foster a healthy life style; and
  • Life skill training: Emotion management, communication skill training, vocational training…etc.
Service fee:
Computer Room
  • Out-patient service: $67 / medical consultation
  • In-patient service: $100 / day (including accommodation; meals and medication) Note: We can help patient to apply CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance) to settle the residential fee for financial difficulty.
  • Pre-admission body check: $150
  • Enquiry service and counseling service: free of charge
33, Tsing Wun Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong.
+852 2468 0044
+852 2468 0555
Opening Hours:
Office hour

Monday-Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Gym Room
Out-patient Service:

By appointment

In-patient Service:

24-hour service

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