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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Integrated Service Centre for Local South Asians (ISSA) is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

With regard to specific socio-economic and cultural hurdles for South Asian females to integrate into the society, ISSA thus identifies South Asian teenage girls and women as our service priority.

Trusting "everyone has strengths to help themselves as well as helping others", South Asian teenage girls and women are viewed as active participants in ISSA. They are given extensive platforms to develop and utilize their capacities, form mutual support networks, build positive connection with their families, people of same or different ethnic origins and local organisations. The ultimate goal of ISSA lies on empowerment of South Asian females and their better social inclusion in Hong Kong.

Service Targets
  • Main targets of ISSA are South Asian female teens and adults who live, work or study in West Kowloon including Shamshuipo and Yau Tsim Mong districts.
  • Other targets of ISSA include family members of the South Asian females, other ethnic groups, local people and service providers from local organisations.
  1. To broaden South Asian females' life exposure
  2. To provide opportunities for South Asian females to explore, develop and utilize their strengths
  3. To enhance South Asian females' competence to cope with problems
  4. To enhance South Asian females' sense of self-worth and life satisfaction
  5. To facilitate South Asian females' active participation in the community
  6. To strengthen self-help and mutual help among South Asian females
  7. To facilitate cross-cultural understanding and respect between local people and South Asian females
Major Services
South Asian Ladies Mutual Support Groups
  • Groups are formed by South Asian ladies
  • Let ladies learn new skills and cooperate to serve the community
  • Facilitate self-help and mutual help in the South Asian communities
  1. The "GURU" Groups
    • South Asian female adults who want to further develop their interests as skills for individual growth and community benefit are welcomed to join the "Guru" groups.
    • Ladies can strengthen their skills on specific area such as cooking and handicraft, acquire basic programme planning and organising skills, and enhance leadership etc.
    • Current groups include:
      "Be the Cooking Guru"
      Be the Cooking Guru
      "Be the Handicraft Guru"
      Be the Handicraft Guru
      Be the Handicraft Guru
  2. South Asian Women Action Team (SAWAT)
    • South Asian ladies from different age groups who want to give support to other South Asians are welcomed to join SAWAT.
    • Ladies will learn different skills and give support to others by involving in wide-variety of tasks such as escort needy South Asians to access essential public services and help in running on-spot booths for distributing essential social resources information
Capacity Building Programmes
  1. Programmes For Teenage Girls
  2. Aims to:

    • broaden South Asian teenage girls' life exposure,
    • enhance their self-understanding and self-esteem,
    • equip them with social skills in establishing effective personal relationships,
    • enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills, and
    • facilitate them to set goals for their future.

    Activities such as adventure-based training to enhance self-confidence, workshop to learn physical and psychological needs of the developmental stage, and workshop to identify personal strengths and weaknesses etc.

  3. Programmes For Women
  4. Aims to:

    • widen South Asian women's life exposure,
    • widen South Asian women's life exposure,
    • strengthen their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes to face problems in their daily lives.

    Activities such as workshop for enhancing physical and mental wellness, talk on parenting and child care and interest classes etc.

Other Services for South Asian Ladies
  1. Volunteer Programmes
    • Encourage South Asian ladies to participate in the society through volunteer services.
  2. Consultation hotline
    • Operates on Tuesday to Thursday at 10am – 6pm, Friday at 10am – 10pm.
    • Hotline number: 3188-2525
  3. Award Schemes
    • SHE-SHINES Award Scheme for South Asian female adults
    • KHUSHI Girls Award Scheme for South Asian female teens
Other Services
  1. Family Programmes
    • Open for South Asian ladies' family members to join
    • Aims to promote effective communication and supportive relationships between ladies and their family members including husbands, children, parents and other close relatives.
  2. Cross-cultural Activities
    • Bring South Asian ladies, their families and the local people together to celebrate multicultural harmony.
  3. South Asian Showcase
    • Mainstream services providers and local people are invited to join the South Asian Showcase.
    • Major contents such as learning South Asian cooking and handicraft, knowing information about general South Asian cultures, sharing on social situations and values of South Asian ladies etc.
Individual Membership
Family Membership
South Asians aged 10 or above South Asians aged 4 or above and apply with other family members
  • Membership is valid until 31 March 2017.
  • Members will receive latest programme information and enjoy membership welfare of ISSA.
Enroll and Exit from Service
  • Eligible persons can complete the application form and return to us by post or in person
  • Members could exit our service by giving verbal request for termination to our staff
Opening Hours
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Remark: Our centre is closed on Monday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

+852 3188 2525
+852 3188 0255
Room 604-605, 6/F Celebrity Commercial Centre, 64 Castle Peak Road, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Newsletter and Progam Highlights

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