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Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club (previous named Lei Cheng Uk & So Uk Integrated Service Team) is established in 1995 and located in Lei Cheng Uk district of Shamshuipo. We are committed in providing integrated services for children and youth in the district with various working approaches.

Service Objectives

We concern the holistic development of children and youth and particularly care for the disadvantaged and the neglected teenagers. We assist them to become happy, mature, responsible and contributive members of the society.

Service Goals

We adopt an integrative and a multi-level social work approach to meet our youth’s multifarious needs. We strive for:

  1. Enhancing the problem solving ability of young people.
  2. Developing the potential of young people and establishing positive direction for the growth of youth.
  3. Providing assistance for young people in disadvantaged circumstances and helping them to integrate into the society.
  4. Strengthening the connection among young people with their families, schools and society, so as to build up a strong supportive network.
  5. Advocating for the welfare of young people and creating an enabling environment for them.
Service Content

We provide a wide range of centre-based activities and reaching out programmes to schools and the community. Our services include individual counselling groups, interest classes, community education activities and programmes for development of social responsibility and competence.

Service Target

Children and youth aged 4-24 and their families.

Service Provision
Children Services
  • Service Targets
    • Children, aged 4 to 12, and their families living in the district
    • Especially for children and families who are in lacked of social resources and network
  • Aims & Objectives
    Through different working approaches such as individual interviews, group work, community work and specialized projects, we aim at:
    • enriching self-esteem and happiness of children;
    • enhancing children’s problem solving abilities.
    • Supporting children and families with special needs and allocation of social resources
  • Service Contents
    • Developmental & Therapeutic Groups
    • After School Care
    • Tutorial Projects for Primary School Students
    • Drop in Service: Children Kingdom and Children Kingdom Ambassadors
    • Volunteer Service
    • Interest Development Groups and Programs
    • Parent’s Corner & Workshops
Youth Services
  • Service Targets
    • Youth, aged 12 to 24, and their families living in the district
    • Especially vulnerable youth ranged from F.1 to F.3 or aged 15 below
  • Aims & Objectives
    Through different working approaches, such as individual interviews, group work, community work and specialized projects, we aim at:
    • Enhancing self-esteem, potentials and problem solving ability of youth;
    • Promoting participation and concern for the society among youth;
    • Consolidating the relationship between youth and their families, schools, and communities.
  • Service Contents
    • Counseling & Therapeutic Groups
    • Lion Dance, Chinese Traditional Arts & Sport Teams
    • Multimedia & Developmental Activities
    • "We Zone" Volunteer Service
    • Drop in Service: Teen's Cafe
    • Core Teen's Club
    • Youth Participation & Social Involvement Projects
    • Interest Development Programs
    • Community Out-reaching Service
Family / Parents Service
  • Service Targets
    • Kindergarten, primary and secondary school students and their families in the district
  • Service Locations
    • Services will be provided within our service unit as well as in the Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools of the district
  • Service Contents
    • Casework
    • Groups on Parent-child Relation
    • Educational Talks for Parents
    • Parent Volunteer Services
Cooperation with Schools
  • Primary and Secondary School Social Work Services
    • Counseling, enquiry, and referral services
    • Group work & mass programs
    • Liaison of community resources
  • Cooperation Project with Schools in Lei Cheng Uk and So Uk District
    • Tailor made direct-services to schools
    • Follow up services for students and parents
    • Linking and promotion of community resources
  • Schools currently participating in the cooperation project are:
    • Primary Schools: Good Counsel Catholic Primary School, S.K.H. Kei Oi Primary School, Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School, San Wui Commercial Society Kowloon School and Five Districts Business Welfare Association School
    • Secondary Schools: Buddhist Tai Hung College, Tsung Tsin Middle School, Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School, China Holiness College and Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Secondary School
Community Work
  • Service Contents
    • Open-forums
    • Campaigns responding to special issues and social policies of the society;
    • Collaboration with other social agencies in order to promote a caring community for youth.
Services for Young Night Drifters
  • Service Targets
    • Youth aged 6 to 24, who hang-out in the mid-nights in Shamshuipo District, especially those under age of 18 under possible negative influences.
  • Aims & Objectives
    Identifying youth with possible negative influences and:
    • Helping young people to cope with crisis in their developmental stage,
    • Preventing young people from possible negative influences;
    • Providing counseling and referral services for the youth in needs in the areas of education, employment, family, social life or individual growth.
  • Service Contents
    • Interview and collateral contacts with young people and their significant others,
    • Referrals for other professional services or community resources,
    • Implementation of groups and activities regarding to the needs of service targets;
    • Liaison of social resources in different aspects.
Individual Counseling
  • Consultation Aspects include:
    • Behaviors & Emotions
    • Study & Employment
    • Adjustment
    • Social Skills
    • Family Relationships and parenting
  • Working Approaches
    • Consultation
    • Individual / Family Counseling
    • Referral to other community resources / social service agencies
Membership System
Type Individual Family
Age 4 - 24 4 or above
Fee $29/person/year $60/family*/year
*At least on of the family memebers is aged 4 - 24
*The applicants must be the lineal relatives of the family


  1. Free membership will be given to applicants who have financial difficulties.
  2. Members are entitled to enroll our programmes with a concessionary rate.
  3. Applicants can go to one of the Happy Teens Clubs to process the application.
  4. Applicants can opt for membership of other Happy Teens Clubs at the same time without extra fee.
Method of Application
  • Fill in the membership application form & pay for the membership fee
  • Showing of ID card or relevant documents, such as student ID or residential proof
  • Welfare of members
    Members can receive professional services from our social workers and can enjoy special discounted prices in joining groups, programs and courses in four Happy Teens Clubs of our Agency
Entry to Service
  1. Those who want to enroll our programmes should fill in application form and pay the programme fee (whenever applicable). For most of the programmes, the selection of participants are based on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. For some of the programmes, participants may need to go through selection interviews or procedures. Selection criteria would be stated in publicity materials.
Exit from Service

Membership will be expired one year after registration. Members who do not renew their membership on or before expiration will be considered exiting the service voluntarily. Those who would like to withdraw their membership before the expiry date could send written application to our service units. Membership fee is not refundable.

Groups and Programmes

Those who would like to withdraw from enrolled programmes could verbally inform our duty officer. We shall approve the application immediately and an administrative fee will be charged. (Details please refer to “Notice of Programme Enrollment”) If required, we may make referrals for those in need of services.

Individual Counselling

Those who would like to withdraw from the counselling service could send their applications to our service unit in either verbal or written format. Besides, our service unit reserve a right of terminating the counselling service.

Contact Us
Flat 101, G/F, Yan Oi House, Lei Cheng Uk Estate, Shamshuipo,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
2729 8216
2729 8218
Office & Opening Hours
Time / Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00-13:00 Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Opening Hours Closed
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19:00-22:00 Closed Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Closed Closed

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Enquiry & Comments

If you have any enquiries or comments towards our service, you are welcomed to contact us at 2729-8216 during office hours, or contact our staff within our opening hours.

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