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Service Objectives

We concern the holistic development of children and youth and particularly care for the disadvantaged and the neglected teenagers. We assist them to become happy, mature, responsible and contributive members of the society.

Service Group
We adopt an integrative and a multi-level social work approach to meet our youth’s multifarious needs. We strive for:
  • Enhancing the problem solving ability of young people.
  • Developing the potential of young people and establishing positive direction for the growth of youth.
  • Providing assistance for young people in disadvantaged circumstances and helping them to integrate into the society.
  • Strengthening the connection among young people with their families, schools and society, so as to build up a strong supportive network.
  • Advocating for the welfare of young people and creating an enabling environment for them.
Service Content
We provide a wide range of centre-based activities and reaching out programmes to schools and the community. Our services include individual counseling, groups, interest classes, community education activities and programmes for development of social responsibility and competence.
Major Service Target

Children and youth aged 4-24 and their families who live or study in North Point.

Membership System
Type Age Fee Remarks
Individual 4-24 $29/person/year  
Family 4 or above $60/family*/year 1. At least one of the family members is aged 4-24.
2. The applicants must be the lineal relatives of the family.


  1. Free membership will be given to applicants who have financial difficulties.
  2. Members are entitled to enroll our programmes with a concessionary rate.
  3. Applicants can go to one of the Happy Teens Clubs to process the application.
  4. Applicants can opt for membership of other Happy Teens Clubs at the same time without extra fee.


Entry to Service
  1. Those who want to enroll our programmes should fill in application form and pay the programme fee (whenever applicable). For most of the programmes, the selection of participants are based on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. For some of the programmes, participants may need to go through selection interviews or procedures. Selection criteria would be stated in publicity materials.
Exit to Service


Membership will be expired one year after registration. Members who do not renew their membership on or before expiration will be considered exiting the service voluntarily. Those who would like to withdraw their membership before the expiry date could send written application to our service units. Membership fee is not refundable.

Groups and Programmes:

Those who would like to withdraw from enrolled programmes could verbally inform our duty officer.  We shall approve the application immediately and an administrative fee will be charged. (Details please refer to “Notice of Programme Enrollment”) If required, we may make referrals for those in need of services.

Individual Counselling:

Those who would like to withdraw from the counselling service could send their applications to our service unit in either verbal or written format. Besides, our service unit reserve a right of terminating the counselling service.

Office & Opening Hours
Time / Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
10:00am - 1:00pm Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours
2:00pm - 6:00pm Office Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours
7:00pm - 10:00pm Closed Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Opening Hours Closed Closed

Opening Hours Opening Hours
(Counter services for programme enrollment, membership application & refund will end 15 minutes before the general closing of each opening session)

Office Hours Office Hours
(Only telephone enquiry service is provided)

*The service units is closed on public holidays

Contact Us
G/F, 51-53, Wharf Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel no.:
2561 0251
Fax no.:
2561 1851
CCC Kwai Wah Shan Secondary School

Address: 62, Cloud view Street, North Point

School Social Work Tel: 25711285 (ext. 30)

Stationing Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays: 9:00 am - 5:00pm (excluding school holidays)


For any enquiries, please contact us at 2561 0251 or come to contact our staff in opening sessions.

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