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Brief History on service developments

Hong Kong Christian Service first launched its Small Group Home Service in 1994. In 1995 we started to operate Integrated Small Group Homes for Mild Grade Mentally Handicapped children. In 1996 a Small Group Home only for boys age 10 to 18 was in operation. In the Year 2006 we had started the Emergency/Short-term Care in Small Group Home (for details please refer to the concerned webpage). At present, we have 12 units of Small Group Homes, mainly in 3 locations, namely, Kwai Chung, Fanling and Tin Shui Wai, for those needy families who could not take care of their children temporary. We would provide a home-like environment for the children until they can return to their families or a long-term alternative living arrangement is achieved.


Children can receive adequate care and nurture, grow healthily in the family and community.

  1. Support those needy families to care and nurture their children and facilitate them to have early home restoration or long-term alternative care.
  2. Provide a stable home-like environment and promote positive family culture so as to facilitate children’s healthy growth.
  3. Enable the children to enhance their self-esteem and confidence, strengthen their problem solving ability and develop their potentials.
  4. Facilitate the children to build up positive family relationship so as to foster family cohesion.
  5. Support the children’s families to face and resolve their difficulties as well as to enhance their family functioning.
  1. Every child is unique and valuable, each has his/her strengths and potentials.
  2. Family is un-replaceable.  A healthy family can develop children’s security, self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Positive Family culture * includes : “Love & Respect”, “Mutual Understanding & Concern”, “Responsibility & Sharing” and “Happiness & Health”.            
  4. Home-like care and nurture can fulfill children’s need and enable them to develop their own family and future life.
  5. Service with love and professionalism can enrich people’s life.

Services Content
    1. Provide home-like daily care
    2. Render training on life skills and self-care skills
    3. Nurture positive values, healthy life attitudes and proper interpersonal relationship
    4. Provide study guidance
    5. Render emotional and behavioural counselling
    6. Arrange various social, recreational and developmental  activities
    7. Facilitate the children to connect with their families and  enhance parent-child relationship
    8. The clnical psychologist and social workers of the Professional Support Service provide assessments and various kinds of intervention to children with special needs
Service Targets

Children, aged 4 to 18 full-time students, in need of proper care because of various family difficulties and crises (for example : child abuse or neglect, family breakdown, parents with illness and etc..)

  1. Ordinary Small Group Home (Ka Fuk SGH, Tin Tsz SGH, Tin Shui SGH)
  2. - 8 children with ages of 4 to 18
  3. Integrated Small Group Home (Shek Lei SGH)
  4. - 7 children with ages of 4 to 18 and 1 mildly mentally handicapped child with ages of 6 to 18
  5. Boys Small Group Home (Ka Fuk SGH, Home I)
  6. - 8 boys with ages of 10 to 18
Service Delivery

After receiving the referrals, our social worker will render the service as follows:

  1. Contact the referring social worker, to explore the child’s need as well as to arrange the initial interview.
  2. Arrange the child and his/her parents/guidance to visit our Small Group Home.
  3. To prepare the work plan for the child.
  4. Arrange the child to keep contact with his/her families.
  5. To conduct Case Review Meeting by our social worker with the child, his/her parents/guidance, houseparents or referring social worker.
  6. There will be a 3-month after care service after the child is discharged and restored home.

Accommodation and meals are provided. Parents/guardians need to shoulder children’s personal expenses, for instance, daily utilities, educational expenses, transportation fee, petty cash, air-conditioning fee and medical expenses.

How to apply
Applications should be made by the case social worker of the Social Service Unit to the “Central Referral System for Residential Child Care Services” (CRSRC) or for the mildly mentally handicapped children, the “Central Referral System Rehabilitation Services” (CRSRehab) operated by the Social Welfare Department.
How to Terminate

Children’s guardians can, on behalf of their children, withdraw the service through making request to the social worker of Small Group Home and the Referring social worker.  However, the children’s views should be respected.

Besides, our Small Group Home will request the children to leave the service if they are no longer eligible for the service, or their behaviour creates danger to others or themselves, or our service no longer meets their needs.

Complaints, Opinions and Appreciations

We welcome public to give their feedback on our Small Group Home Service. One could send in their views in written form or to call us
at 2731 6370 for enquiries.

We would handle the submitted views in an fair manner. The service rendered would not be affected.

Service Units
  • Shek Lei Small Group Home I、II、III (Kwai Chung)
  • Ka Fuk Small Group Home I、II、III (Fanling)
  • Tin Tsz Small Group Home I、II、III (Tin Shui Wai)
  • Tin Shui Small Group Home I、II、III (Tin Shui Wai)
Head Office – office Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00am -1pm, 2:00pm -5:30pm.

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+852 2731 6370
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