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Emergency / Short-term
Care Service in Small Group Home

Why Emergency / Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home?

When children cannot be adequately cared for by their families due to emergency or crisis situations, they may need Emergency / Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home (ESCSGH) through which they can be placed in a small group home within a few day's time to receive short-term care in a stable and safe family living environment.

How can Emergency / Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home Help?

Emergency / Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home can help children in the following ways:

  1. To arrange substitute care for children urgently in need of residential child care service in a stable and safe family living environment.
  2. To support children to cope with the negative feelings associated with the separation with their families.'/li>
  3. To sustain the children to keep contact with their families.
  4. To assist the concerned parties to plan and implement welfare plan for the children.
  5. To assist the children, in cooperation with other concerned parties to reunite with their families or to be transferred to other long term residential arrangement.
Who is eligible for this service?

Children aged between 4 to 18 years old and cannot be cared by their parents in their own families because of unplanned, unforeseen and sudden family crisis. Boys above 12 is not eligible for service in a mix small group home with boys and girls living in it.

What are the services included?

The services provided include:

  1. Placing children under the care of Small Group Home.
  2. Arranging children to keep contact with their families.
  3. Counselling service, social and recreational programs and other relevant services meeting the needs of the service recipients.
  4. Liaising and coordinating with other parties concerned to assist the home restoration work or the child’s transferal/referral to other long term residential arrangement.
How can one use this service?

Those who are in need of the Emergency / Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home can submit their application through a referring social worker. After receiving the initial enquiry / application, our staff would pass the application to the concerned supervisor of Small Group Home. The supervisor would take the following steps to deliver the service.

  1. Contact the referring social worker, the child and his/her family to explore their needs and the child's future caring arrangement.
  2. Match children with suitable small Group Home placement according to their needs.
  3. Draw up service contract and prepare the child's admission to the Small Group Home.
  4. To see to the child's adjustment and arrange suitable services and support. To look after the daily living of the child and his/her relationship with others.
  5. Arrange the child to keep contact with his/her families.
  6. Liaise with the referring social worker and the child's parents to assist them to implement the future care plan of the children.

Under the ESCSGH a child's period of stay is from 2 weeks to 3 months. Under special circumstances, one can apply for an extension of stay for a maximum period of 3 months. Approval would be granted only when there is such a need and there is concrete plan on leaving the ESCSGH. Case review meeting would be held should a child stay in the ESCSGH placement for over 3 months.

Must the child reside at the same district where the Small Group Home is located?

Emergency / Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home is a territory wide service, children and their families living in any district over Hong Kong can apply for the service. For the convenience of the service users and to avoid causing unnecessary disruptions to the schooling of the children, the applicants could be placed in Small Group Homes near to their schools. Our Small Group Homes are located in Tin Shui Wai, Fanling and Kwai Chung.

Special Attention for Referring Workers
  1. The child should be a Hong Kong resident.
  2. The mixed Small Group Home with both girls and boys living there would not accept applications of boys above 12.
  3. All children placed in ESCSGH should pass a medical examination conducted by a registered medical practitioner (Dr) prior admission.
  4. The child should be suitable for group living and had given his/her consent to live in Small Group Home.
  5. Referring workers should submit a welfare plan with a specific period of stay at ESCSGH and a concrete action plan for follow up before the child is admitted in the Home.
  6. The child should be admitted in ESCSGH within 7 working days when our supervisor had contacted the referring worker and had confirm acceptance for application.
  7. Referring worker should confirm the date and time and details with supervisor before admission. He / she should be responsible to bring the child to the Small Group Home to proceed the admission procedure.
For telephone enquiries:

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

To contact us:
5/F, 33 Granville Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR, China
+852 2731 6370
+852 2724 3655
How to apply?

Those in need could contact the integrated family service centers, youth service, family service, or medical social workers, school social workers under the Social Welfare Department or the Non-Government Organizations. The referring social workers could contact us by phone. After initial enquiry should there be a need, the supervisor of Small Group Home would contact the referring worker for further assessment. If all conditions are in line with the admission criteria, and the child had passed the medical examination and there is a vacant placement in the home, the application would be accepted.

Is there any charge for the service?

The service is subvented by government, service users do not have to pay any fees. However, parents/guardians have to support and pay for the children’s daily living expenses such as transportation fee, clothings, books and stationery, charges from schools, pocket money and program fees, etc.

How to withdraw from the service when one does not need the service anymore?

Children's parents or guardians can, on their children's behalf ask to leave the service voluntarily via their referring worker. Nonetheless, the children's views should be taken into consideration. After coordination the child can leave Small Group Home.