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Funded by The Community Chest of Hong Kong

Do you need counselling service?

If you, or your family member(s) have any one of the condition(s) listed below, and that affects your personal live, couple or family relationship, you have to seek help from counselling service.

  1. I always regret for the decisions I made.
  2. My family members are hard to get along with. They don't really understand me.
  3. I make mistakes in doing everything and I have no confidence that I can handle difficulties in life.
  4. I lose interest in social life and I feel uneasy to share my life, my thoughts with others.
  5. I always keep thinking and worrying about stuffs. I am tired!
  6. My workload is very heavy and I am under great pressure. I don't know how to share with others.
  7. My spouse and I are not as close as before. We are too busy to communicate.
Service Objectives

The project includes individual and family counselling service, therapeutic groups and courses with the aims to strengthen service users’ resilience, to restructure their living styles and to turn the difficulties into opportunities for growth and development.

Service Scope
Enquiry and Counseling Service
The project provides counselling service to needy individuals and families to relieve their negative emotions, to rebuild their family relationship as well as to seek positive solutions with them.



Individuals and families that are stressed under adversity in Hong Kong. The project has no district boundary.

  • Counseling service :Free of charge
Service Application

Applicants for counselling service can contact our social worker on duty for enquiry and registration. We also accept referrals from other agencies.

Service Termination

Counseling service will be terminated when the agreed service plan is achieved or proper service referral is arranged. Service users can also approach the responsible social worker for service termination.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries, please contact us on Monday to Friday.

+852 2731 6251
+852 2724 3655
5/F, 33 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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