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Why Emergency Foster Care Service ?

When Children cannot be adequately cared for their families due to emergency or crisis situations, they may need emergency foster care service through which they can be placed in approved emergency foster families within a very short time to receive temporary care in a stable and safe family living environment.

How can Emergency Foster Care Service help ?

Emergency foster care service can help children in the following ways :

  1. To arrange substitute care for children urgently in need of residential child care service in a stable and safe family living environment.
  2. To support children to cope with the negative feelings associated with the separation with their families.
  3. To sustain the children to keep contact with their families.
  4. To assist the concerned parties to plan and implement welfare plan for the children.
  5. To assist the children, in cooperation with other concerned parties to reunite with their families or to be transferred to other long term residential arrangement.
Who is eligible for this service ?

Children aged below 18 years of old and cannot be cared by their parents in their own families because of unplanned, unforeseen and sudden family crisis. The children should not :

  1. suffer from medical / psychiatric condition which require immediate attention e.g. contagious disease, violence ;
  2. have special / serious problem that foster home could not handle e.g. destructive behavioural problem, habitual 'runaways'.
What does the service include ?

The service provided includes :

  1. Arranging children to be taken care of by foster families.
  2. Arranging children to keep contact with their families.
  3. Providing counselling, arrange needed services and appropriate social and recreational services according to the children's need.
  4. Assisting children to reunite with their families or to be transferred to other long term residential arrangement.
How can I use this service ?

People in need of emergency foster care service can raise their application to us through a referring social worker. After receiving the application, our social worker will take the following steps to provide the services.

  1. Contact the referring social worker, the children and their families to explore their needs and the children's future caring arrangement.
  2. Match children with suitable foster families according to their needs.
  3. Write up foster care contract and arrange for the children's admission to the foster home.
  4. Visit and contact the foster families to see to the children's condition, arrange suitable services and support ; and supervise the foster families to provide suitable care to the children.
  5. Arrange the children to keep contact with their families.
  6. Liasie with the referring social worker and the children's parents to assist them to implement the future care plan of the children.

The maximum period of stay of a child in a foster family is six weeks. However, we will consider to extend the period on individual case basis according to the child's need.

Must I reside at the same district where your service unit is located before I can apply for the service ?

Emergency foster care service is a territory wide service, children and their families living in any district over Hong Kong can apply for the service.

How to apply ?

Application can be raised through the social workers (the referring workers) from the family services, integrated family services, medical social work service, school social work service, etc. under the Social Welfare Department or the Non-Government Organizations to us by phone.

Applications assessed by our social worker as eligible will be accepted.

How much do I need to pay ?

People who receive emergency foster care service does not need to pay any fees.

If I do not need the service anymore, how can I leave ?

Children's parents or guardians can, on behalf of their children, requested to leave the service voluntarily by informing our social worker and the referring worker of their decision. Nonetheless, the children's views should be taken into consideration.

You can contact us through the following :
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Princess Alexandra Community Centre,
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Hong Kong
+852 2492 6088
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Our opening hours:
Monday to Friday : 8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. , 2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday : 8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (For Emergency Foster Care Service only)