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Special Projects

(1) Easter special programs

Jesus said “Greetings!” to his disciples firstly after he had risen from dead. In fact, peace in our heart is most important for us today. The Christ was crucified and risen, which demonstrated his love, hope and blessings.

The Communications Centre prepared some slides and videos for those who would like to think of Jesus in the time of Easter. Let’s share the peace and hope from God in these special days.

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(2) A Beautiful Life Out Of Adversities – Secondary School Students Scriptwriting Competition for Broadcast Drama

Sponsored by the Civic Education Fund, the competition was launched in June 2002 to promote the theme of coping positively amidst adversity. Each participant was to write an adverse situation from various natures.

The stories reflect many real life difficulties that our youth facing nowadays such as family break-ups or being in a dysfunctional family, school drop-outs, stress on public exams, challenges faced by being new immigrants, drug abuse, and even illegitimate teenage pregnancy.

There were five schools that won the competition.

The champion:The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad College

The 1st runner-up:Jockey Club Government Secondary School

The 2nd runner-up:Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre of Hong Kong Christian Service

Achievement Award:Amoy College

The winning teams were given a training session in broadcasting before they recorded the dramas in our studio. The students were so excited for their winning dramas were produced on a CD. Copies of CD had distributed to different sectors of the general public. We hope this CD will help to spread the messages to the teenagers that it is important for one to maintain an optimistic attitude amidst adversities; and with such attitude it is possible for anyone to create a beautiful life from adversities.

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(3) ”Hopefully Yours” video series
Series I

In the last few years, Hong Kong has been undergoing rapid economic and social changes. Reports of suicides, high unemployment rate and family tragedies always appear on news. People of Hong Kong are facing adversities and turndowns.

During April 2002, we collaborated with Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry (Hong Kong Branch) and had produced the first series of “Hopefully Yours” video program. It consisted of 8 3-minute episodes on people handling adversities in life.

The episodes included interviews with people who have overcome adversities such as, poverty, bitter love affairs, divorce, stress from work, addicted to gambling, family disruption and new immigrant’s adaptation. Constructive and gratifying angle are brought to the audience attention and suggestions by professionals are provided. Information on hotlines or units that offers help and support were shown at the end of each episode. We hope this video series could help people to overcome adversities and bring a glimpse of light to our society.

The videos were transmitted through two platforms, i.e. Mobile media on board of M Channel and Roadshow. Moreover, people could see the videos through HKCS web-site.

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Series II

We finished the second series of “Hopefully Yours” video program in June 2003 so as to encourage the Hong Kong people during post-SARS period. It included 8 4-minute episodes of various people stories. The stories reflected the effects that SARS had on individuals from different walks of life. The series were stories of a front-line medical staff, a cleaning staff, a hospital chaplain, an employee who had to work under no-pay-leave, a recovered patient, a family member of a SARS patient, a volunteer worker and people from the general public, especially women who suffered as a result of SARS.

“Hopefully Yours" also provided a platform for professionals from different fields, such as psychologist, social worker, university lecturer, coordinator of worker’s association, to sound their opinions and bring out messages from constructive angles through interviews. Since SARS has had an extensively broad effect on all people despite their socioeconomic and ethnic background, we invited MR Lee Kam Hung, a veteran news commentator, to host the series hoping to bring an in-depth reflections of life through those real people's stories.

To date, we still cannot cure SARS, but we hope to encourage people to strive to be healed from their pain and trauma resulting from this deadly plague. The sequel of “Hopefully Yours is sponsored by the Community Chest of Hong Kong – Operation UNITE Fund. The broadcast of this series has been on public buses via “Roadshow” in July and August as well as our web. Copies of VCD will be given out in September.

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