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This page is updated on 2006-07-27 12:04
Christian Service News
Issue 45 (October 2004)
Chief Executive's Column
Hong Kong's Core Values
Chief Exectuive
NG Shui Lai

A group of concerned citizens, consisting primarily of professionals, issued a statement titled "Standing Firm on Hong Kong's Core Values" on 7 June 2004.

Lately, many people are increasingly worried about Hong Kong's future. It has been observed that more and more people are greatly disturbed by the increasing erosion of Hong Kong's core values. The aforementioned statement states that, "The goals pursued by our community seem to become more distant. The community is filled with a strong sense of helplessness and rising frustrations. Our core values are being shaken. Our city's governance and business environment have deteriorated. Our society's institutional rationality and social cohesion are being weakened. We have come to the critical moment. The alarm has rung to defend Hong Kong's core values."

Although economics is important to Hong Kong, it is certainly not our only focus. It is imperative that we stand firm by the core values that are deep rooted in our past experience and in line with global modern civilization. It is indeed true that "losing its core value, Hong Kong will become a city without soul and her people will then lose 'Hong Kong'."

The core values of Hong Kong include "liberty, democracy, human rights, rule of law, fairness, social justice, peace and compassion, integrity and transparency, plurality, respect for individuals, and upholding professionalism."

We as a social service agency fully support this view. We are convinced that in our pursuit of a higher quality of life, "we must also adhere to the core values essential to sustainable development: broad-based community participation in public affairs, inter-generational equity, economic development with a human focus, environmental protection and reconciliation with nature."

We have committed ourselves to examine our Agency policies and programs in accordance with these core values. We invite the government to do the same.


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