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The "HKCSS 50th Anniversary Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Social Welfare" Three Individual and Group Awards granted to the HKCS
The 1998/99 Management Committee
The 8th Annual Award Ceremony of the Elderly volunteer Award Scheme "Practicing High Quality Voluntary Service"
"The Elderly and Elderly Services in the 21st Century" Variety Show
Respite Service for Demented Elders
The 13th Annual Territory - wide Athletics Gala for the Elderly
The Joint Graduation Ceremony of the Day Care Centre Service "Diversified Emotions : Show and Feel"
Poi Oi School - The First Special School for Physically Handicapped Children according to the Standard Schedule of Accommodation
Pui Oi School participated in the Dress Casual Day
"Dragon's Heart" Mainland-Hong Kong Exchange Tour Equip Youth Workers to nourish "SAR Youths"
The Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre and Communications Centre assist the Hong Kong Food Council in the CD rom Production
The 33rd Graducation Ceremony of the Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre
"Asia Pacific Conference of Employee Assistance Program" Effective Contingencies for Employers' Management of Staff