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Participate in "Project Warmth to Maoming"

On 21 September 2010, typhoon Fanapi slammed into the south coast of China, bringing pronounced disaster to Guangdong Province. Heavy rainfall triggered floods and landslides/mudslides in Maoming city. The Department of Civil Affairs Guangdong Province immediately launched disaster area relief service actions. Under the "Project Warmth to Maoming" organised by the Guangdong Charity Federation, a team of social workers sponsored by the Federation was sent from the Guangdong province to provide crisis intervention social services to the disaster area.

In response to the invitation to participate in the project, we sent our staff, Ms. Wan Kin Man to the disaster area. Wan is our social worker and is currently working on our Shenzhen Social Work Professional Supervision Project. During the four days from 12 to 15 October 2010, Wan has been in Shuan He Cun, Qian Pai Zhen, Xin Yi area Maoming City providing supervisory services and facilitating social workers from the then set up social service centre.

Though working with a heavy heart in the disaster area, it was encouraging to our staff that Hong Kong social workers could contribute our expertise to China, our mother country. At the same time, The Department of Civil Affairs Guangdong Province was enthusiastic over the establishment of a social work service in the disaster area in Maoming. This symbolised the recognition of the importance of the social work profession by both the government and the public in the Guangdong province.

We sincerely wish that social workers in Mainland China would keep working hard on the local development of social service. Well equipped individuals are the prerequisite for successful contribution to the country. As for the Hong Kong social workers, let us also be well equipped and ready to work hand-in-hand with local workers in China to fulfill the mission of "to serve and not to be served".

Project Warmth to Maoming Project Warmth to Maoming

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