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Dementia Care Service in Shun Lee Home for the Elderly

Dementia is a mental state characterised by a long lasting loss of intellectual ability. It consists of a significant decline in memory and other intellectual functions that are essential for carrying out everyday activities.

Reminiscence is commonly used in dementia care. It refers to recollections of memories, especially the happy ones, from the past. For people with dementia, encouraging the act of reminiscence can be highly beneficial to their inner-self and their interpersonal skills. It is about giving them a sense of value, importance and belonging.

In our Shun Lee Home for the Elderly (SLH), over 30% of the residents are suffering from dementia. The long anticipated idea of creating a reminiscence corridor was accomplished with Alcoa Int'l (Asia) Limited's (AIAL) support and donations.

Last October, 29 volunteers from AIAL, one of the caring companies, gathered at our SLH to create a "Time Tunnel" within. The establishment of "Time Tunnel" not only provides daily reminiscent activities to our residents, but also educates volunteers with the knowledge and skills to understand and take care of a demented elderly. It gives the volunteers a chance to bring their love and concern to our residents.

Going forward, we will put in our unwavering faith to continue the provision of special dementia care service; to enhance the mutual understanding between the demented elderly and their neighbour residents, family members as well as volunteers; and to embrace love and concern as we walk through the different stages of their lives with them together.

Dementia Care Service

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