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Taipei Arts Sharing Tour for Nursery School Teachers

The "Hong Kong Christian Service Children's Art Development Fund" was first established by our Early Childhood Education Service in 2003. One of its aims was to provide local and overseas art training for our nursery school teachers. The first Arts Sharing Tour to Beijing was arranged for them in 2008. Last year we have arranged another tour for them to Taipei.

There were a total of 22 people on this tour. Although it was a four-day tour, the itinerary was fully packed and highly educational. The visit to Ju Ming Museum with its polyfoam, sponge, stainless steel, stone and wooden displays greatly inspired the teachers in the choice of materials.

Tours to the National Palace Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei were like travelling in an art time tunnel. Moreover, the parent-child ceramic classes held at the Yingge Ceramics Museum showed the importance they placed on nurturing children's art.

Of all the sights, the most impressive ones were none other than the Tanshui Primary School and the privately owned Children's Art Museum in Taipei. Everything ranging from the displays, guided tours and sharing showed their teachers' professionalism in art. Their commitment and creativity were reflected in the systematic lessons and games they have designed for the children to learn about art and related concepts.

We hope that our teachers can infuse new life and new elements into our children's art education based on their discussions, sharing and reflections from the trip so that our children can enjoy an even more exciting art experience.

Arts Sharing Tour Arts Sharing Tour

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