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2009-2010 Staff Award Scheme

The Staff Award Scheme was first launched in 1991. With this annual award, the Agency seeks not only to recognise and compliment individuals, projects and service units for their prominent performance, quality service and distinguished achievements, but also foster a mutual learning culture and encourage continuous improvement, hence driving the Agency towards the apex of its pursuit of excellence.

The final assessment of the 2009-2010 Staff Award Scheme was successfully held in July 2010. Both the Employee Development Service and the Integrated Children and Youth Service were awarded the Outstanding Project Award, which recognised their remarkable performances.

Concerned with the growing need to support employees to cope with stress and strain from critical incidents, the Employee Development Service initiated a "Crisis Care Service Project" that incorporated the theory of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) along with professional social work training. This project not only provided the affected employees with a more rapid recovery from incidents, but also facilitated them to maintain psychological well being under critical incidents, so that they could retain their normal life routines.

Based upon a systematic analysis on the needs of both parents and children, the "FAMILY: H.O.P.E. Project" of the Integrated Children and Youth Service was able to integrate the Cognitive Theory of Hope into a series of stories. Through story telling, participating families were instilled with the concept of hope. Interaction and communication between family members could then be enhanced and a harmonious family relationship enabled.

Last but not least, a total of 30 employees were presented Outstanding Staff Awards for their stunning performances and commitment at work.

Staff Award Scheme Staff Award Scheme Staff Award Scheme Staff Award Scheme Staff Award Scheme

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