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Comment on the Community Care Fund

In the 2010-11 Policy Address, the Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, announced the introduction of the “Community Care Fund” to support needy people in areas not covered by the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme. The Government and the business sector would each contribute $5 billion to this fund.

However, in the Policy Address, the direction, content and funding method of the Community Care Fund were not shown in details. We suggest that the government introduce an execution plan to the public as soon as possible. This can dispel the doubts of the public.

In addition, we agree that some people in need cannot get any assistance under the existing Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme. From our experience of direct service, we suggest the fund can be used for the following aspects:

  • Increase resources for existing services which have long waiting lists
  • Increase resources for existing emergency relief funds
  • Set up Continuing Education Fund/Life Assistance Fund for the low income groups
  • Not only maintain the basic needs of people in need, but also support them to have additional resources (such as helping students from poor families to buy computers) to improve their quality of life

For the funding method, we suggest that the fund should not limit the time period of the funded projects. This helps reduce the operation cost and provides stable and long-term assistance to the people in need.

Besides, the fund can be run by one or a few non-government organisations or Office of the Chief Executive. This can reduce the operation cost and increase the independence of the fund.

In the past few years, without long-term social welfare planning from the government, social welfare organisations have to apply for funding and organise fundraising activities to develop new services. We think that the government inviting the business sector to make financial contribution to the fund will reduce the ability of social welfare organisations to get donations from this sector in the coming future. Therefore, the government should make sure that the fund would not create negative effects to the social welfare sector financially.

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