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Leader as Dreamer

Ng Shui Lai

A leader is also a dreamer, especially for leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

All NGOs have a vision that relates to the well being of individuals or society one way or another. The produce of an NGO is a changed life or community. Hence the leader of an NGO must be full of vitality and full of dreams.

The leader of an NGO is a dreamer.

He is a dream-maker with a clear vision. He can lead the organization to make dreams and formulate a vision for the organisation.

He is a dream-interpreter. He can communicate openly and effectively with people about his dreams in order to build a team around the vision.

He is a dream-executor. He makes the dream comes true. He is able to demonstrate the performance.

When talking about leadership, the traditional discourse is to compare “leader” versus “manager”. A leader is able to do the right thing and can work best in a changing environment. A manager is able to do things right and can work best in complex situations. But it is not conducive at all to pit these two roles one against the other. Nowadays, a leader needs to be a manager at the same time and vice versa. As the NGOs in Hong Kong are facing a changing and complex environment, we need a leader-manager.

When talking about leadership, succession is always a core concern. If the leader of an NGO is a dreamer, maybe we should look at succession from a new angle. What is important in succession is not the successor of the dreamer but the succession of the DREAM!

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