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Christian Service News

Issue 65 (October 2009)

Our Participation in
Hong Kong Christian Ai Hua Association

Hong Kong Christian Service has been a member agency of Hong Kong Christian Ai Hua Association for many years. The Association is formed by some local Christian social service agencies with the mission to serve and support China's Christian organizations in the development of social service. They actively engage in different projects such as establishing elderly homes and professional training.

The dramatic increase in the elderly population has led to a great demand on the enhancement and improvement of the quality of elderly services. In May 2009, the Association organized a two-day intensive training for professionals and frontline workers working in elderly nursing homes in the province of Guangdong. Training programs were organized by three member agencies from Hong Kong, one of which was HKCS. The programs not only helped these workers learn how to promote positive well-being of older people, fostered effective communication with older people and updated knowledge and skills in nursing and nutritional care, but also widen their perspective on elderly service development, as well as broaden their knowledge of quality management in elderly nursing homes.

With substantial challenges arising from the changing needs of the elderly population, the intensive training was indeed a timely help to all the participants.

Hong Kong Christian Ai Hua Association

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