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Christian Service News

Issue 65 (October 2009)

Sharing Experience on Mobile Adventure Service and
Elderly Service with Shanghai YMCA Staff

From 22-24 June, one of our experienced staff at the Agency's Mobile Adventure Service visited Shanghai YMCA and provided a 3-day counseling training course. A total of 30 social workers from both Shanghai YMCA and Shanghai Lequn Social Service attended the training.

Another senior-level professional from our Residential Care and Support Integrated Service also conducted a 3-day training course on elderly service to about 20 staff at Shanghai YMCA from 7-9 August.

For the adventure counseling training, the need assessment, service contracting, John Dewey's functional philosophy and the elements of adventure counseling etc. were introduced to the participants. Through problem solving and self-recognition activities, they were offered an opportunity to experience the sequencing of mobile counseling. We promoted the appropriate attitude and professional techniques as well as introduced the "Barrier Free" adventure model to them.

The elderly service training aimed to enhance the knowledge and strengthen the skills on Psychogeriatrics in order to provide quality elderly service at Shanghai YMCA. We briefly introduced long-term care service for the elderly. We then spent the rest of the time on helping participants understand Alzheimer's disease, including the different stages of rehabilitation and the needs of activities for the patients. Communication with patients and management of patients' behavioral and psychological issues were also discussed.

These two training courses were under the "Project on Enhancing the Development of Social Work Practice in Luwan District, Pudong, Shanghai" sponsored by the CWM/Nethersole Fund. The Agency is deeply indebted to the support from the Fund.

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