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Christian Service News

Issue 65 (October 2009)

Activities for Volunteers -
A Journey for Personal Experience

Our service units have always been very active in promoting the work of volunteering. This year, we hope to provide a cross-service working experience for our volunteers, so that they can develop the wonderful qualities of "love" and "mercy" even further and affirm the service recipients' and their own personal worth through their contributions. The wonderful results accomplished through the act of volunteering will give them true satisfaction and even more happiness.

The opening event for this cross-service experience is the "Drugs Prevention Games Day" on 19 August, organized by our Foster Care Service. It brought out the message of drugs resistance to the children who are residing at Foster Care Service and Small Group Home Service.

The rest of the activities will be held at year-end and in the coming year. Early Childhood Education Service will hold a "Welcome Christmas Celebration" at year-end. In January 2010, the Integrated Children and Youth Service will hold a "New Experience from Cultural Integration" for the South Asians. They will learn about Chinese New Year traditions, Chinese culture and local festivals. And then in April, Elderly Service will conduct a "Visit by Volunteers" event. They want to show love to elders who are in need or living alone in the Kwun Tong area as well as the students at On Wah Day Activity Centre.

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