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Issue 59 (April 2008)


The Shenzhen Social Workers Supervision Project Sequel

“To participate in the development of social welfare in China” is one of our Agency’s five work directions. The two main tasks/foci are to support the development of social work education and to facilitate the professionalization and occupationalization of social work in the Mainland.

The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the 16th Central Committee of the China Communist Party has raised the important decision of building up a powerful team of social work professionals. Many parts of the country have welcomed with echoes on the idea of establishing pilot areas to advocate the related policy. The Shenzhen Ministry of Civil Affair has appointed us last September to provide professional supervision to 33 social workers-to-be at 11 pilot areas. This March, we are further invited to provide supervision to over 90 social workers-to-be in over 40 pilot areas. Our agency has mobilized 11 veteran frontline social workers to provide individual or group supervision in Shenzhen.

There are two major missions behind this service: 1) Provide direct supervision to the social workers-to-be in Mainland China; giving guidance to their practice and assisting their integration of theory and practice. 2) Render recommendation to Mainland China’s social work professional development, particularly on its professionalization and indigenization process. 

We hope that in two to three years time of endeavor from various groups, China can establish its localized social work profession with its own national characteristics.